One Piece Bounty Rush MOD APK 40300 (Dumb Als, No Skill CD) Free Download

One Piece Bounty Rush

One Piece Bounty Rush MOD APK 40300 (Dumb Als, No Skill CD) Free Download

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Become the toughest pirate crew in the New World.

Join the Straw Hat Pirates on a journey to the New Earth, transform into Captain Luffy and the many characters you love in the One Piece universe. Fight in real-time 4vs4 PvP battles with scenes set in familiar locations from the anime. Each game is filled with items and treasures from the One Piece universe to give your team an edge. Use whatever you can to lead your team to victory, but watch out for traps and powerful enemies with great rewards.

How to play

One Piece Bounty Rush
One Piece Bounty Rush

One Piece Bounty Rush is a real-time 4vs4 action fighting game that allows players to engage in a treasure battle on the map. Players must collect all the coins on the field by destroying all enemies and stealing them. If it’s strong enough, attack your base directly and steal the treasure chest to earn more points.
It’s great that you fight as members of the Straw Hat Pirates using famous One Piece anime characters like Luffy, Zolo, Sanj. Combine characters according to your preferences to create the strongest pirate treasure team! You can unlock more characters in the game by collecting their pieces from battles.

Each character in the game has three skills of attack, defense, and speed. The strength and abilities of each character are closely followed by the original manga.

One Piece Bounty Rush
One Piece Bounty Rush

The base currency used in the game for character upgrades and training can also be used to purchase character pieces from the store. A more premium currency used in the game is “Rainbow Diamonds”. This currency is used for character exchange. There are other types of resources in the game, such as “Battle Points”, a subcurrency from “League War” that is used to purchase character parts from the shop and materials to convert them into characters. “Gold bullion” is a rare material used in a special event shop in exchange for special items. “Gold bullion” is obtained by participating in the league battle.

One Piece Bounty Rush includes many game modes, the normal game mode is League Battle. The challenge is to bring the team together to seize the treasures. Also, “Battle of Challenge” has the same gameplay as League Battle, but the difference is that the player must use certain characters to play. The player will increase their points after completing the challenge and get his name in the world ranking.

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Boss Battle has been released as a new mode as a boss fight mode that allows many players to participate and has certain conditions for players to win.

One Piece Bounty Rush
One Piece Bounty Rush

Through tournaments, players participate in order to increase their ranking points. If you have a good track record, you will get many great ingredients to increase the strength of your character.

Meet familiar scenes in One Piece

The violent battlefields of One Piece Bounty Rush have been recreated in beautiful spaces and 3D visuals from the One Piece manga world. Recreate famous One Piece battles like Baratie Restaurant, Arlong Park, Drum Island, Arabasta Kingdom, Fishman Island, Fold Sea, Cake Island, Corrida Arena.

MOD features

  • Dumb Als
  • No Skill CD

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