OXENFREE APK 2.5.8 Free Download


OXENFREE APK 2.5.8 Free Download

OXENFREE: The scariest thing is people.

The reason I say that OXENFREE will get everyone in their thoughts even when it’s done is because OXENFREE is not just a game but a story. In it, all your choices from words, answers, actions are closely related and contribute to the end. The game will have different endings, it all depends on you. The game is also the kind that if you only play it once, perhaps you won’t be able to open all the knots, the countless complex youth stories of the characters. Once you understand something, you just want to play more, tap it a few more times until you get a happy ending.

OXENFREE and fear in mind

Our dark and sad story begins with a group of five who decide to go to party on an abandoned military island. Suddenly, the night becomes more terrifying than ever when the main character, Alex, accidentally opens a secret door born from the island’s mysterious past. This way (he too) accidentally released mysterious creatures from another planet. A series of incomprehensible events continued. You and your crew will find a way to escape this crazy island in the safest possible way.
The scary factor in OXENFREE comes not from the bloody screens but from the deepest, darkest corners of each character. They’re just little. Everyone gathers in the game and pushes each other to various parts of the island. The game offers you a number of options, and any option has a price. In this way, OXENFREE has fallen into the depths of human fear.


The pace is slow, you gotta hear everything

80% of the playing time is spent speaking, listening and understanding. Each has its own untold secrets, unknown memories. One by one, unexpected events occurred that caused each person to immediately have different reactions. And the way they talk and trust each other inadvertently revealed their secrets.

When Alex speaks to someone else on OENFREE, he will give you an answer. Very simple operation, just click to select the answer or tap the screen to select the person or object you need to interact with. But the difficulty is that the time to think and make decisions for everything is very fast. If you don’t think and choose the answer, the game will automatically jump. And in this game you have to understand that every word, no matter how small, the action will affect the result. Therefore, the reluctance to jump is extremely disturbing. Feel like you have missed something very important.
After playing it 2 times, I suddenly understood the implicit message of this jump mechanism: life is the same, if you just speak but don’t listen or respond, then you don’t care about the people you speak to openly. And the outcome of the relationship, or the outcome of yourself, can change because you have no emotions, you don’t know how to listen. So instead of rushing to find clues while playing the game, sit back, connect with your friends, and listen to them honestly.

In a series of conversations between characters in the group, you always have a lot of difficult choices to consider. Sometimes it’s just a promise, but it can also decide your fate. So don’t just think of it as a movie, always remember that it’s a survival game.

Time loop and extraneous elements.

Jobs are simply not available at OXENFREE. The whole game is like a movie with a future, past, memory and vision. Continuously on and off during a time cycle, it is a radio station interacting with aliens stranded on the island. Sometimes using a time loop will take you to a specific time in the island, in the past. You can reselect what you chose and wait for something else to happen. Or find the answer to a little truth you’ve always wondered about. The back and forth story seemed to have never lost its charm.


Currently the game has only one player mode. But don’t think it’s boring. Because sometimes, you’ll be caught in a loop of friendship and status, only having to play over and over until the escape is safe and less hurt. I don’t know exactly how many endings there are but a week after playing this game I often see characters die or injured. Even once, I brought a character to the house out of obsession.

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Everything from pictures to unforgettable music is cold and scary.
Graphics are the first thing you will feel about the bleak future of the characters. Horizontal screen layout, dark hues, dim light effects, targets are hidden in fog. All of them make you feel small and lonely, and everything around you is terrible.

I also wonder who the composer of this music is, I want to meet him


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