Panda VPN Pro APK 5.5.2 For Android

Panda VPN Pro

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Panda VPN Pro APK 5.5.2 For Android

Panda VPN Pro APK 5.5.2 –  is the app you need if you want to hide your IP address while surfing the internet, increase information security or access some websites blocked in some countries. Best Survival Game at the moment – PUBG Mobile has been banned in some countries such as India. If you want to continue participating in this game, Panda VPN Pro is a great solution for you.

What is Panda VPN Pro?

Panda VPN Pro is a reliable VPN for mobile devices. In addition, this application is compatible with many other platforms such as Windows and macOS. The Ubuntu version is under development. It was designed and provided by Hotspot Shield, one of the biggest names in security, so you can be sure of the reliability of this app.

Panda VPN Pro
Panda VPN Pro

Panda VPN Pro has a simple and easy to use interface. It is extremely easy to use, anyone can use it quickly. After opening the application, this application will recommend the most suitable server to provide you with the fastest connection. Panda currently offers a large number of servers in Europe, Asia, the United States and many other regions. This number is increasing day by day.

Great application properties

Bank level security
By using Panda VPN Pro, you don’t have to worry about revealing your personal information or important information such as bank accounts, passwords. Panda protects users from Internet attacks. The application of encrypting user data helps prevent data theft. As a result, you can browse the Internet safely and comfortably anywhere and anytime.

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Privacy protection
Like other VPNs, Panda VPN Pro helps you hide the IP address whenever you access a website. In most cases this isn’t too scary. But actually, if you connect to a public Wi-Fi network without any layer of security, some people might know what you’re doing. Using Panda VPN Pro helps you protect your privacy, not reveal your IP address whenever you access a website.

Access to blocked websites
Some social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or major websites are banned in some countries. Perhaps there are many reasons for political, cultural, legal reasons … If you want to access these websites, Panda VPN Pro is the easiest and most comfortable solution. Plus, it’s completely free.

Panda VPN Pro
Panda VPN Pro

Currently Panda VPN Pro supports two protocols, including Shadowsocks and OpenVPN. The application will help you choose the most suitable protocol.

Download : Panda VPN Pro

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