Pandora MOD APK 2101.1 (Unlocked Premium/Plus) Android


Pandora MOD APK 2101.1 (Unlocked Premium/Plus) Android

Pandora MOD APK 2101.1 – Pandora MOD APK (Unlocked Premium / Plus) is a useful application developed to appeal to anyone listening to music, radio or podcasts. It offers excellent services and is proven by the fact that over 100 million downloads are made directly from Google Play. Are you next?

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Take advantage of the 30-minute drive from home to work to relax your mind with music or weather news. Pandora – An application developed on the Android platform that will provide these to you quickly and accurately. It has reached 4.3 / 5 points with more than 3 million reviews since its launch. Many say they have used the app daily for years and loved it. Can you find out why they said this?

Simple, easy to use
As you can see, Pandora has a simple interface. The main part of the app is the main page (Music / Podcast / Online Radio) providing information about the genres. Here you can set basic information about your preferences and the system will automatically suggest matches or trends you may like.

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And now, look at the bottom of the screen, there are also main features like the home page, My Collection, Search and Profile that I just mentioned. These are the main functions My Collection includes the files you download, then you can add them to Favorites or play them later. Also, search is a basic function. You can filter the results by various criteria such as category, artist name or album name. And finally, the Profile, which contains information about you and the account you use to register and log in to this app.

The update is very fast
Pandora quickly updates streams and music, albums or podcasts. Just a few hours after the official launch, you can find them in this app. Again, Pandora suggests that you should download it to update trends and personal preferences.

Unlimited podcasts and radios
In other apps, they require a premium subscription to play some custom podcasts. But with Pandora, that didn’t happen. You can play all content offered by the developer. However, in the free version, there will be some limitations in that a podcast cannot be downloaded or played on demand. Generally, you only need a stable network connection, you will be able to play all available content.

For a better experience
Currently Pandora Inc offers two-rate packages, Premium and Plus. It has a common feature that allows users to synchronize content on the computer and thus experiment when there is no internet. Higher quality, 192 kbps, 320 kbps, lossless (customizable) instead of default 128 kbps like the free version. Skip or play unlimited ads without being annoying.


You can also subscribe to music or podcasts on demand with the Premium package. This is one of Pandora’s unique features compared to other similar apps. The Plus and Premium packages are priced at $ 4.99 and $ 9.99 per month, respectively. However, if you are still in doubt about the quality, the developer also offers a one-month trial package so you feel more of your money is worth it.

You can customize podcasts, radio shows or music from a specific group. It’s pretty simple, add them to your favorite collection or download and play whenever you want. The system will rely on this data to suggest and update relevant trends on the home page. Therefore, it will be easier to discover new things and a great Pandora content repository.

MOD APK Pandora’s version

MOD feature
Unlock the functions of the two paid packages Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium.

Please note when using the MOD version
This application is currently only supported in some areas. If you launch the app and get a notification that it is not available or not supported, use a VPN and configure it in the US / UK area. Then restart the app to start the experience.

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