Path of Giants MOD APK 2.2.0 Unlocked Free Download

Path of Giants MOD APK

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Path of Giants MOD APK 2.2.0 Unlocked Free Download

Tell me about the Path of the Giants

Monument Valley, Evo Explores or LIMBO are the most popular games in the puzzle adventure genre. Each game has different forms and playability. And while you’ve experimented a lot, if you’re still not satisfied in terms of content, graphics, or puzzle design, you should give Path of Giants a try. I’m not sure how you will feel while playing the game, but the game has satisfied millions of players on popular platforms like Nintendo Switch, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and macOS.


Path of Giants takes place in endless frozen lands on the journey of three young adventurers to find their treasure. These are Bern, Matchi and Totch, they have a lot of experience in this matter. But as they enter the earth, they encounter many difficulties and meet strange things. The heat source and tips are gradually disappearing. What is the result of this trip? Join the three explorers and find the answer!

How to play

Path of Giants allows players to control a group of 3 adventurers to find treasure in endless frozen lands. With a simple touch interaction, players will control the 3 adventurers to solve puzzles and find the mystery of the challenging journey.
Path of Giants content is divided into stages. In each game round of a particular stage, players must collect hidden items hidden in ancient ruins to unlock secrets throughout history.

The secret to solving puzzles in the game is that the adventurers must unite and support each other. In other words, this game is about teamwork. None of them can go up or down without the help of others. You will even come across a door that must be opened by three people. From this, we can see that getting the three explorers to cooperate is not easy. Sometimes you feel like you’ve found a solution, but the truth doesn’t seem like that. As you explore the ruins, you will have to try, make mistakes, and constantly find new solutions.

Path of Giants MOD APK
Path of Giants MOD APK

To find out

There are many places to explore in the endless frozen land. The puzzles get more and more complex as new content is unlocked. New bridges, gates, elevators, and many new problems will arise. They make you feel that the treasure is something very distant, untouchable. But that’s when you discover the game’s interesting puzzle mechanics. A truly unforgettable experience.

Also, the game locations are beautifully designed with an artistic trend. Some reviews suggest that this design is somewhat similar to Monument Valley, but with a closer focus.

Unlock exclusive content

The difficulty of the puzzles in Path Of Giants will increase over time. At first, they are simple and help you get used to the controls and interact with objects in the environment. However, the puzzles are becoming more and more challenging and require you to plan the adventurers carefully.

Besides that, some special levels contain three coins. As you find them, you will have access to special puzzles. Of course, the setting is new and the challenge is greater. I have solved a few puzzles and find it quite similar, which can reduce your motivation.

While the game has content geared toward children ages three and up, it doesn’t seem easy. I think Path of Giants is designed for families or groups of friends. Everyone can sit down and learn this game together. That is a very good idea, right?

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