Perfect Slices MOD APK 1.3.7 (Unlimited Money)

Perfect Slices MOD APK


Perfect slices mod apk is the game in which Your chef is in need of soup ingredients. Tomatoes, eggplants, and onions, on the other hand, are still whole and need to be cut into slices. You are in charge of this task as a newbie. Don’t be concerned if you have no prior experience with knives and slicing. Perfect Slices MOD APK (Unlimited Money) will teach you how to slice vegetables, tubers, and fruits.

Introduction about the perfect slices:

SayGames’ simulation game has swiftly captured the interest of players all around the world. Apart from VOODOO, their games are also highly famous due to their easy yet tough gameplay. There is no story in these games; they are ideal for quick pleasure in minutes. Some games that come to mind include Jelly Shift MOD, Sand Ball, and Train Taxi MOD.


Most SayGames games have basic gameplay and can be played with just one finger. Perfect Slices’ gameplay is similar to that of Fruit Ninja, which was formerly one of the most popular games on smartphone devices. In this game, instead of swiping the screen and cutting fruits in the air, the fruits move along a conveyor belt. Touch the screen right to make precise slices; it’s a basic task that not everyone can master. The chef’s rigorous training days are what make the beautiful slices possible. Playing with a knife is a dangerous activity. They may ruin their meal or perhaps get injured if they are unable to maintain their attention.

Overcoming obstacles:

However, SayGames also understands how to make things difficult for you. The conveyor belt does not travel at a constant speed; it speeds up based on the level. There are several impediments to eating a variety of foods. Fruit can be readily sliced with your knife, but metal cannot. If you slash at it, the knife will break and you will have to restart the game from the beginning.

In this game, the player’s goal is to achieve a high score. You can do anything if you have strong knife control. Furthermore, each level in Perfect Slices has its own set of duties. All of the components are not required for a meal. A chef understands how many tomatoes and onions are required. Your job is to get the chef the ingredients he needs. If you do not finish the requisite amount of fruits and vegetables on the conveyor belt, you will be fired.

More than 200 levels:

The time you touch the screen is crucial in this game. Correct finishing touches aid in the creation of a flawless slice. Perfect Slices now offers over 200 difficult levels for you to play. The additional level will emerge after a few levels. You chop a bunch of gold coins on the transmission, burning them to make coins – the game’s primary money. The gameplay is basic and repetitious, yet it does not tire you. There are several difficulties and new things to discover at each level.

Unlock items

Knives and vegetables are two items that may be obtained when playing Perfect Slices. Knives may be obtained by using money and gems. Currently, there are 18 distinct varieties of knives in the game, which are split into three categories: common, rare, and epic. Opening a lucky chest will also allow you to get rare blades. In reality, a strong knife will not help you play this game better. It only improves the visuals and alters the player’s experience. Vegetables and food do not need to be unlocked with money; they are automatically updated after every 10 levels are completed.

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Features of perfect slices MOD APK:

Name Perfect Slices
Updated On 15/07/2021
Package com. perfect.slices
Publisher SayGames
Category Simulation
Size 54M
Requires Android 4.4
Version 1.3.7 (build 41)
MOD Features unlimited money
Perfect Slices MOD APK
Perfect Slices MOD APK

MOD APK version of Perfect Slices

MOD feature:

When you utilize our Perfect Slices (MOD Unlimited Money), you will be provided some accessible cash. It facilitates the purchase of products and knives.

How to install in perfect slices I phone ( IOS):

Following the below steps to run the android app on the iPhone:

  • Download the Dalvik emulators at your IOS devices from the browsers
  • Install the setup the emulators
  • Lastly, download the android app and enjoy

How to install on PC:

Below are the steps to run android apps on your PC or Laptop

  • Download NOx player emulators software on your PC
  • Install the NOx Player
  • Download the Android apps and enjoy

How to download:

  • Click the “download now” button and you will be moved to the nect download page and level
  • Next, download the file from the download button
  • You will see the downloading file in the notification bar
  • Visit on daily basis for app and bookmark our website and updates


It is concluded that after playing the games perfect slices Mod apk is the best app and funny game have available on the android version you can easily download the button and easily click on the download button and enjoy it.


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