Project QT MOD APK 11.0 (Unlimited Skills) For Android

Project QT

Project QT MOD APK 11.0 (Unlimited Skills) For Android

Project QT MOD APK 11.0 – Project QT MOD APK (Unlimited Skills) is an action adventure game published by Nutaku. Perhaps you are already very familiar with this editor. Nutaku is the anime style graphic game editor, but all the games they publish are for adults, as the game has some NSFW visuals and is not suitable for those under 18.

Project QT
Project QT

About the QT project

It is based in Nutaku, Canada. They are experts in publishing games on mobile platforms and web browsers, and all games are completely free. Not only that, but their games are also very popular. I can mention names like Fap CEO, Pocket Waifu, Booty Calls… And today I will introduce Project QT, an action game based on turn-based fighting style.

Project QT has a clear and simple story. The game takes place in a fictional context where the world is developing in technology and science. People increasingly want to go beyond Earth, so they are starting to learn things like the cosmic black hole.

A black hole experiment was conducted in the Arctic, but unknowingly linked to another dimension where alien creatures were found. Monsters (pretty girls) appear from the other end of the black hole with the intention of invading the planet. The world began to slide into chaos. Faced with this situation, a group of girls on earth stood up to fight those who wanted to invade Earth. Your task is to form a team of beautiful girls, form a team and participate in battles to protect humanity.

Project QT
Project QT

The game features gameplay similar to Blossom Blast Saga of King. But instead of combining flowers, you join the power stones. Perfectly connect 3 or more similar stones with your finger. Each stone has a different property, which helps strengthen the warrior in your team.

Beautiful monster girls
This is a feature I think Project QT is most attractive. By participating in the game, you can collect the prisoners you defeated in battle. The enemy has split into various battle groups to accelerate the invasion of the Earth. Participate in campaigns everywhere to destroy their land. Each enemy team has a commander, if you can defeat him you can add him to your collection.

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The prisoners have been added to the collection and they have given you some power. Not only that, it can also use prisoners for other purposes. This feature includes detailed instructions for beginners.

Project QT
Project QT

Playing with friends
Project QT is an action, adventure online game so you can play with your friends, family or any other player from all over the world. And PvP mode helps players to challenge their friends. With this feature, you can freely go out from all over the world and be friends with many other players. Share with everyone about how to develop stronger warriors, get items, overcome dungeons …

You need to summon good warriors and train them to be stronger so you can participate in many other difficult campaigns. There are many weekly events in the game. The event is in continuous order so you can play all day without getting bored.

In terms of graphics, Project QT is on the list of best graphic anime games. During the war, the characters were designed in chibi style, they look cute and beautiful. However, only during the battle the characters are depicted with chibi graphics, though often the characters are represented by the ingenious drawing of the mangaka.

MOD APK Project QT version

MOD Features

  • Unlimited capabilities
  • One hit
Project QT
Project QT

Download : Project QT MOD APK 11.0

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