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Puffin Browser Pro

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Puffin Browser Pro APK For Android

Puffin Browser Pro APK – Puffin Browser Pro costs $ 4.99 on Google Play, you can consider downloading it for free on APKMODY.

Present about Puffin Browser Pro

Of course, Puffin Browser Pro is not an outstanding web browser like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But this is a really good web browser. It offers incredible performance with exceptional data throughput and loading speed compared to Chrome and other web browsers. Powered by CloudMosa’s leading cloud technology, Puffin Browser Pro is the default web browser for your Android phone.

Puffin Browser Pro.
Puffin Browser Pro

Puffin Browser Pro is a paid web browser, you have to pay $ 4.99 to download it from Google Play. However, this browser has hundreds of millions of users and tens of millions of users use the paid version. Why do people choose Puffin Browser Pro? Let me explore some of its highlights via the article below.

Lightning fast web browser
Puffin Browser Pro was developed by CloudMosa Inc, a US-based technology company. The owner of this company is Shioupyn Shen. They tested cloud coding technology for the development of the Puffin web browser and it offers great, incredible performance. The Puffin browser loads pages, loads content, media files and javascript faster than normal browsers. The only thing when browsing is the user’s IP cloud IP. Some websites consider this as a proxy server.

Puffin Browser Pro
Puffin Browser Pro

If Chrome users always complain that the web browser always consumes a lot of RAM and phone resources, you will never experience the same when using Puffin Browser Pro.

Protect your data from hackers
Sometimes we choose to work in cafes to change our workplace. You must use public Wi-Fi hotspots to browse the internet and send data. This is a good opportunity for hackers to steal your personal information, because public wireless hotspots are not tightly secure. Puffin Browser Pro will take care of all your worries. This web browser encrypts your data before sending it to the cloud.

Puffin Browser Pro
Puffin Browser Pro

If you use the anonymous web browsing tab, the app creates a private session when you use it, it is deleted immediately when you close the app or disconnect from the Internet. Therefore, you can be sure that your device will not be stolen by hackers or malware.

Save bandwidth while browsing the web
In addition to the above benefits, by saving data to the cloud, Puffin Browser Pro helps users browse the web 90% cheaper than regular browsers. But if you watch the video or live stream, the browser consumes more bandwidth than usual. Anyway, Puffin Browser Pro is enough for basic entertainment needs like listening to music, reading newspapers, browsing social networks …

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With the data saving mode, you can customize some parameters about photos and videos to help the browser load faster and more economically. Even if you are connected via wifi, this mode works as usual. If you don’t mind the bandwidth saving problem, you can disable it in settings.

Supports controller and trackpad
Puffin Browser Pro is compatible with Adobe Flash, although it was retired this year due to a number of security concerns. In addition, the browser supports Gamepad and Virtual Trackpad, which allows you to play Flash games smoothly and easily on Android devices. The trackpad is a feature of the laptop that makes it easy and convenient to navigate and scroll.

Desktop mode
Some websites offer a better user experience when browsing the web with your computer. With desktop mode, Puffin Browser Pro helps you browse the web in desktop mode even if you are using a mobile phone.

No more hassle than advertising
Are you bothered by video ads, pop-up ads and dozens of website ads? No need to search for browser ad blocking add-ons like you do with Chrome, Puffin Browser Pro will automatically block ads for you to give you a seamless experience.

Some features of Puffin Browser Pro

  • Fast page loading speed
  • Theater mode for flash videos and games
  • Quickly download Javascripts
  • Desktop and mobile browsing modes
  • Ad blocking
  • Virtual touchpad and keyboard
  • Automatically delete all session history and cookies when you use an anonymous web browsing tab

Download : Puffin Browser Pro

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