QANDA APK 4.6.07 For Android


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QANDA APK 4.6.07 For Android

QANDA APK 4.6.07 For Android – Would you like to improve your math skills every day? Download QANDA APK, an app to help you learn math right on your Android phone.

Give a presentation about QANDA
Scientific technology has improved significantly in recent years. Thanks to this, human life has more comfort. QANDA – The most popular Korean education app that applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Now you can learn to solve math problems easily and effectively on your Android phone without the need for centers or schools. Instead of looking for a method all day, you can learn from others.


This article will provide an overview of QANDA’s features and usefulness. You can then decide to download the app to experience it.

What is QANDA?
QANDA stands for QUESTION AND ANSWER. Perhaps this title also partially explains how the application works. The main feature of QANDA is to help you find the answers (exact or similar) based on the input question. To use it, you’ll use your device’s camera, then take a photo of the problem and tap search.

How does QANDA work?
When QANDA receives a picture with the question, it will automatically detect letters, numbers, math or paper text and search for the answer. Please note that QANDA did not answer the question correctly. It searches for similar issues / questions from other users on the forums and returns the results to you. This way, you will get more responses to problems with different approaches rather than sticking to one method. This is also the biggest difference between QANDA and Photomath, the two leading education apps today.

An app that helps you solve most math problems in high school.
QANDA currently offers homework information and solutions at three educational levels: primary school, middle school, and high school. When you launch the application for the first time, you can choose your current note. Based on this information, the system will filter the content to find results faster.

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Not just math knowledge, QANDA also has a great community to help you solve exercises related to natural sciences such as physics and chemistry.

Also, QANDA is considered as an application that supports the motivation to learn. Tired of working alone, having no one to ask questions or doing too complex exercises? This community of millions of users is always there for you and helps you overcome difficult problems. From there, you will gain more motivation and joy in learning by joining a community with the same passion.

English translation tool
Whether you are studying English, translating or looking for words, QANDA will help you with a very effective English translation tool. You just need to capture a piece of English text with the camera. The application will recognize the text it contains and give its meaning back to you. Many reviews say that QANDA works much better than Google Translate. The sentences are fully translated, read quite fluently and grammatically. Of course, if it’s helpful, you can leave it like or dislike and provide better suggestions to improve the translation quality of your app.

Questions and answers with teachers
Machine learning technology will help you find similar previously loaded results. But what if you don’t find an answer or you don’t understand the solution to the problem? Don’t worry, QANDA has a great community of tutors where you can ask them direct questions and get the most detailed answers.


To use this feature, swipe from the search icon to the question icon and then take a photo of the problem. A setup screen will then be displayed so you can select additional information such as what grade information, which subject (math, science, English, social) and post more notes or pictures of the question. Based on this information, the system will match you with the most suitable tutor.

Currently, the question and answer feature is with teacher costs ranging from 1500 cents to 2000 cents. If you want to use this feature, you will have to pay tutors to pay.

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