Rebel Inc MOD APK 1.6.1 (Premium, Unlocked All) For Android

Rebel Inc

Rebel Inc MOD APK 1.6.1 (Premium, Unlocked All) For Android

Rebel Inc MOD APK 1.6.1 – Rebel Inc MOD APK is a must have game on your phone if you love politics and dream of becoming a governor in the future. We present you the MOD version of this game. Download this game right from the link below the article and join the rebel.

Rebel Inc.
Rebel Inc

About Rebel Inc

Rebel Inc was developed by Ndemic Creations, a hugely popular developer on Google Play. Its most prominent product is Plague Inc, a simulation game with over a hundred million downloads on Google Play. In your latest simulation game we do not infect but you need to build a nation and help people have a better life.

The war ended in 2002. But that doesn’t mean anything. Your country is very chaotic. People’s life is very miserable. Now, they need a leader who can improve their lives.

How to play
When you play Rebel Inc, your task is to create a new operation from the ashes. After the war, the country was divided into different lands, each ruled by a rebel. You will choose your region and begin to establish your control.

Of course, people don’t trust you at first. They don’t know who you are. You have to do many different things to gain people’s trust and hearts, such as improving agriculture, improving water resources, building health and education facilities. Stability is indicated by the stability indicator on the screen.

Rebel Inc
Rebel Inc

The number on the left is for those who trust you, and the number on the right is not. To continue the game, what you need is the reputation on the right side of the screen. This is a simulation strategy game with a political factor, so if your reputation score reaches 0, your game is over.

Before you build your empire, you choose a governor. A leader is the most important person in an organization, so the choice of the governor greatly influences his strategy. Information on several governors to choose from:

  • The Officer – This is the default governor when you start the game. This governor has no special influence. For starters, you must choose a level.
  • The Economist: The Economist opens when you win a game with an official. Using The Economist, you will receive the full budget in April each year. Grow your bank, reduce inflation. And don’t forget to invest in the Government and the Army.
  • The General: The General is unlocked after winning with The Economist. When you use the General, you will have some military barracks from the start. It helps you protect the area from rogue rebels and invasions of other nations. However, if you focus too much on the military, civil affairs can quickly drain your reputation.
  • Banker: Your money will be profitable if you have a lot of unused money.
  • The Smuggler: Anti-corruption solutions are more expensive, but you shouldn’t update anytime soon because you will get some money from corruption.

Military update
Once you have power in a region, you will face riot attacks. Your country is newly established, so it is very fragile. Rebel rebels are people who don’t trust you. They constantly rioted and attacked buildings in the area. If they destroy your resources, your reputation will decrease very quickly. Violence is not the best way to solve the problem. But in this case, you need to set up some military facilities to be ready to face the enemy.

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Expand your empire
After completing your empire in one region, you can unlock the next area. Presently Rebel Inc offers you many areas such as Saffron Fields, Mountain Pass, Southern Desert, Pistachio Forest, Far Steppe. Using the MOD version of APKMODY, the game has unlocked all available maps. You can play any map you want.

Rebel Inc has quite simple but very elegant 2D graphics. It impressed me from the first moment I played. No need for 3D graphics with lots of effects, the game is designed like a military map, providing players with an overview and easily controlling events in their respective regions.

MOD APK version of Rebel Inc

MOD Features

Premium: Rebel Inc offers you some advanced features if you upgrade to the Premium version. The premium version provides you with:

  • Hire consultants to help you run your empire.
  • Your empire grows faster.
  • Customize your imperial name instead of using existing ones.
  • Remove ads.
  • Show more details about your empire.

All unlocked: Unlock all the features of the operation, characters … make it easy to upgrade and expand your empire.

Rebel Inc
Rebel Inc


Install Rebel Inc MOD APK file as usual. To install apps from unknown sources, go to settings, select Security. Select Enable under Unknown sources.

Upgrade to new version without losing data
You just need to download and install the MOD version with the game. The device will automatically override the new version from the currently installed version.

Please note that if both old and new versions are downloaded from APKMODY, you can update without losing data.

Download : Rebel Inc

You can download this apk file by accessing the download buttons below:

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