RebirthM APK 1.00.0172 For Android


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RebirthM APK 1.00.0172 For Android

RebirthM APK 1.00.0172 – RebirthM APK is an Action RPG published by Caret Games. The game offers everything you expect from an Asian MMO, it will definitely not disappoint you with dramatic and extremely beautiful battles.


Give a presentation about RebirthM

Compared to current mobile games, RebirthM is sure to be one of the best games of the moment, an RPG that should not be beaten by MMOs on the PC. With its unique story, rich characters and a wide variety of missions that will take players on a great adventure in a mysterious open world.

Join the war
When you start the game you must choose a character, then you will be rewarded with experience and many rewards for leveling up through the quest chain. Players can transform their characters into a unique character thanks to endless improved items such as wings, pants, dresses, shoes and more.

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The equipment helps the character bring their own image and increase the character’s strength. This game also focuses on community features, players can join guilds with great advantages. However, there are large-scale boss battles where 25 players fight giant bosses with immense power, destroy them and win valuable rewards.

RebirthM, like other mobile RPGs, has a familiar virtual keyboard layout, the left key on the left side of the screen helps to move the character, and the right side of the screen has keys to use abilities so you can control the movement easily. the number of characters. Using it seamlessly combines how to craft skills to optimize power to destroy monsters.

Classic PvP matches
Not only is it as simple as ordinary RPGs with boring repetitive questlines, but in RebirthM, players can also engage in awesome PVP battles, dramatic survival battles. Show your strength, fight with your teammate to kill all enemies and win the war.

Expressive graphic design
The amazing thing about RebirthM is that it uses 3D Unity technology to make the game look real and beautiful. The world in the game is an open world, the vast space is quite diverse and complete, with a majestic view of magnificent creations and monsters designed by the publisher.


You can control your character from a third-person perspective from the open camera perspective, a view that several games of the same genre have.

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