Remini APK 1.3.11 For Android

Remini APK 1.3.11 For Android

Remini APK 1.3.11 – Remini APK is a must-have real-time online photo enhancement for everyone. Using advanced technologies, the application can restore images to professionally produced film level for user photos.

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Everyone wants to capture precious moments in life, photos of friends and family, or sometimes random interesting things that come up while saving them in pictures. But sometimes you end up with unwanted quality images that jeopardize the content of the photos. Or you want to restore old photos to their original state.

With Remini, all these requirements will be met. Since Remini’s launch in early 2019, this app has become an essential tool for professional photo editors. It is considered a great app with many useful features and great tools.

Advanced photo recovery capabilities
With Photo Recovery Mode, Remini can make blurry, blurry and low quality photos sharper and clearer. Instead of manual editing like other apps, Remini will do these things automatically on behalf of users thanks to advanced AI technology.



Users just need to turn on Enhance mode, select a photo from the gallery, and wait for their photos to be recovered. Also, before choosing to restore, users can use the tools to rotate the image in their desired direction and then adjust the aspect ratio accordingly. Remini also has the ability to compare photos before and after recovery so that users can see the difference clearly. As colors are brighter, images are refreshed, sharper and clearer.

Video enhancement
Remini even allows users to edit low resolution videos to make them clearer. It fixes blurry videos and allows previously recorded videos to be played with clear images and on a larger display device. Keep using simple operations like image recovery. However, before editing a video, users need to save a name for the video they want to edit (50 characters maximum). This feature is perfect for blurry and low-light videos. Also, users can add subtitles to make the video more unique and interesting.

After the photos are taken by the users, the new photos will be automatically downloaded to the user’s device. However, users can view old photos and new photos that have not been edited in the past. Thanks to this feature, Remini ensures that users never worry about accidentally deleting a photo.

Premium version
If you are a professional photo editor and the free basic features of Remini are not enough to meet your needs, upgrade your account to Pro. Remini offers many more unique features and tools with an upgraded account. You can use advanced photo recovery mode with more unique filters and options. The saved photos are not only sharp and clear, but also have more interesting styles.

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You can also use the Advanced Selfie Mode, which helps you edit photos as you take them. This mode sharpens the image, automatically removes wrinkles and imperfections, and makes the photo look bright and vibrant. There are many account development plans available for different prices and durations. Choose the best upgrade pack for your business to avoid wasting money and use as many features as possible.

Why is Remini worth a download?
This application takes full advantage of advanced artificial intelligence technology with high image recovery capabilities. With a range of powerful features and an easy-to-use interface, you can ensure most work gets done efficiently and in the shortest time possible. And especially this app currently supports the English version which is suitable for Android OS and totally free for users to download and use.

MOD APK Remini version

MOD feature
Currently there is no MOD version.

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