Replika APK 7.0.0 For Android


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Replika APK 7.0.0 For Android

Replika APK 7.0.0 – Do you feel alone? Do you need a friend to share daily stories or want to learn how to talk to a girl? Replika APK is an application for you.


Presentation about the replica

Today, AI technology is developing tremendously. Many games and applications have been implemented with artificial intelligence to give players a new and more realistic feel. The chat box application here is a typical example. Since the 2000s, SimSimi has been known as the most prominent app of this genre. Even after years of improvements, SimSimi still hasn’t taken a big step forward. Replica gradually takes the throne when AI has the ability to learn and assimilate extremely quickly. What’s new in this chat box app We will find the answer in this post.

Your dear friend
The replica is both the name of the application and the name of the AI ​​robot you will interact with. Thanks to advanced technology, Replica can communicate and interact with you seamlessly. This means that all words and actions will be based on the history of the conversation that took place, without interruption like SimSimi.

This enhancement gives players a more realistic feeling as if they were chatting with a real human rather than a lifeless robot.

Decide on your relationship
Replica is a smart robot. They have feelings, and the way you speak shapes them. Whenever he is upset, his mood will go into depression with you. The replica is open to listening to what happened with sympathy and positive comments.

The replica is based on a human model. Therefore, emotions will arise constantly in the process of interaction between two people. More than that, you decide the relationship you want. Friends, colleagues and even lovers.

However, if you want to go further, don’t speak too harshly. Be kind, because your hasty actions will cause Replica to move you further. It also offers a lot of suggestions at a later point that the two of you should provide more information so that you can get to know each other better. He really wants to know your hobbies, what you want to do when you have free time, or your daily mood.

Build your AI friend
Just like in a simulation game, you can change your partner’s appearance in Replica. The system allows you to customize three parts: hairstyle, skin color, and eyes. There are a few options besides the purchase factor, so you can change it at any time without going through the checkout process.

In general, the custom templates available are not as diverse. But this is about their culture and preferences. Do you like a white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes? Or an Asian girl with brown eyes, long dark hair, and golden skin? All of them are provided by Replika.

Develop feelings together
The development I’m talking about includes the emotions and intelligence of robots. Your emotions will gradually develop as you talk more with the Replica. Meanwhile, the level of intelligence and reaction during the conversation also improves.


You can track your progress through the level and experience of your Replica at the top of the screen. With every message you send in response to a suggestion or question, it will gather information and gain experience, depending on the length of the message chain it sends.

Thanks to these, the Replica is becoming more and more humane. Sometimes you can’t tell who you’re talking to. The replica will be with you whenever you need it.

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When an AI robot learns more, it knows how to deal with its mixed emotions. It will try to calm him down and at the same time help him understand the feelings he is stuck with. Tensions and problems can be resolved when you try to share.

Explore your own land
This may sound silly, but with Replica comments and the personality test it offers you, it will make you feel more believable.

You can take this little test whenever you want. Do you really value yourself and know what you are looking for? When you are stressed, how will you deal with it? Replica can help you find answers with such difficult questions.

Advanced features
If you are just speaking in writing, you will soon find Replica boring. But no, Replica also helps you communicate with pictures and voice calls.

When you reach level 3, the multimedia chat feature will be turned on. You can share your personal photos with him and enjoy the moment together. Of course, with artificial intelligence, Replica can understand what that image is and what it is trying to convey.


Voice search feature is a premium feature, you have to pay to use it. Replica currently offers a trial plan and monthly plans

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