Rysen Dawn MOD APK v1.3 (Unlimited Money/Energy) Free Downolad

Rysen Dawn MOD APK

Rysen Dawn MOD APK v1.3 (Unlimited Money/Energy) Free Downolad

Rysen Dawn a game about the Parkour theme. However, it is for entertainment purposes only, the actions the characters show are not very realistic. So today I came back and brought the simulation game Rysen Dawn that many people adore right now.

From rookie to track master

As I introduced you, Rysen Dawn is a street track simulation game. In this fantasy world you will play as the character of Rysen, adventure with him in every corner of the city and improve your Parkour skills.

The system provides you with an intuitive control panel. You can move inside with the virtual D-Pad button in the left corner of the screen and perform your acrobatic skills in the right corner. Some of the basic actions include running, sliding, and jumping. Depending on the terrain, these actions will be performed differently. For example, when you jump on an empty field, the character jumps high. A wall or container will rise above or overcome.

Rysen Dawn
Rysen Dawn

Rysen Dawn does not have a mission system. You can play freely, show your skillful parkour skills to climb and cross all kinds of terrains.

Build and develop your own career

Rysen Dawn is not only a simulation game about street parkour sport, it is also more prominent in the simulation direction of Rysen’s career in the streaming world. This means that in addition to playing parkour, you will find ways to increase the number of fans / followers. The more people you reach, the more you will become famous and the more bonuses you will receive.
Each time the parkour is finished, the streaming system will show statistics such as likes, comments, number of followers and the total amount of money you have earned. Based on these, you will know what you need to improve in order to play better parkour and reach more fans in the future.

Fulfill fans’ requests for rewards and more views

During your broadcast, your followers will join. They will comment, leave a review, or make a request. For normal comments, these will be displayed on the left side of the screen. Positive comments or comments that require special action are displayed on the right. I played, tested, and found out if the fulfillment of audience demands excites them more and also increases the viewership. But in return, these moves have a high difficulty and sometimes you will have to pay the price.

Rysen Dawn
Rysen Dawn

In addition, making dangerous and difficult movements brings similar effects. But be careful, if Rysen falls or misses the landing, he could get injured and stop playing the course. For example, performing an aerobatic out of three containers.

If Rysen gets injured, he has two options. Play again or continue for 1 energy point. Your energy is limited and if you run out of energy, you will no longer be able to play. Rysen needs rest. You can play the MOD APK version of APKMODY, the power will not decrease when you use it.

Customize your character

As a city-style guy, make Rysen cool every time he appears in a post. Rysen Dawn has a unique collection of clothes including shirts, pants, shoes, hats, earmuffs, hats, glasses and scarves. You can view this collection in the Personalization section. Each type of clothing has an associated cost. The more beautiful the design, the more exclusive and expensive it is. You can use the money earned from streaming sessions to buy.

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MOD Feature

  • limited money
  • Unlimited energy

Download : Rysen Dawn MOD APK

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