Save The Girl MOD APK 1.3.0 (Unlimited Money) Free Downolad

Save The Girl MOD APK

Save The Girl MOD APK 1.3.0 (Unlimited Money) Free Downolad

Introduce about Save The Girl

Save The Girl belongs to the Casual category. It is a new game released by Lion Studios and has attracted more than 5 million players in a short time. Despite being rated attractive, there is still plenty of hype and you can turn off the internet for a better experience.

How to play

Save The Girl tells the story of a girl kidnapped by the mob. She was taken away from home while she was in a coma. When he wakes up, he connects to a small room, that’s when you start your first game.

Like the name of the game, over 100 missions in this version revolve around rescuing this poor girl from kidnappers. However, it is not necessary to hold a weapon to fight them, only to provide the girl with the necessary equipment.
Gameplay is similar to Choose Your Interactive Episode Story. Every time you face a challenge, the option to choose from will appear on the screen. If you choose the right useful items, the girl can continue to move to the next place. If she is wrong, she is in danger and dies. You have to play the level all over again.

Save The Girl
Save The Girl

Playing is something that nobody wants to happen. However, you have the option to instantly revive by spending 200 gold or watching a commercial video. If the character goes further, it cannot be that careless forever. Watching commercials is not a good idea, and getting alive with gold is the same. They are extremely difficult to find because each victory level only gives a quarter of the amount you spend on correcting mistakes. So you should try our MOD version.

Multi level

You will soon learn how interesting this game is when you experience some games. Instead of going into a box to break through the thief’s lair, I tried turning off his TV so I could go out. But I got caught. Immediately after that I corrected my mistake but after leaving I chose an umbrella to go in the rain. The character was struck by lightning shortly after taking the third step. The correct answer is raincoats.

In another case, when my character crossed the sea and got hungry, I gave him a fishing rod. But maybe the line went too deep, so I caught a sea monster. Eventually the character turns into a meal.
Save The Girl has many realistic situations such as umbrella details. The handle is made of iron and holding an iron rod in the rain is like holding a lightning rod? In addition, it has many unrealistic situations, such as throwing a seed to make a pea flower bloom (Peashooter in Plant vs Zombie), then destroy the undead instead of using nails to block its movement.

Save The Girl
Save The Girl

Finally, Save The Girl seems to be unpredictable, but it’s fun for everyone. You cannot guess what will happen.


Save The Girl graphics are simply designed in fun cartoon style. It doesn’t have many original and beautiful scenes like the action genre, but instead, the main character has a funny form with expressions that can’t stop laughing.

It would express a feeling of fear in something. Sometimes sounds are discovered when danger is discovered. But it’s not all scary if you make the right choice!

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MOD Feature

  • Unlimited money – MOD money version will solve all your financial problems. You don’t need to agree to watch an ad video or start over, as you can choose to pay freely to continue at the level you chose the wrong answer.
  • No Ads – All ads have been removed.

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