School of Chaos APK 1.812 Free download

School of Chaos APK

School of Chaos APK 1.812 Free download

About School of Chaos

Hear the name of the game and you can also feel the chaos and violence. With fun action elements, the game takes you to a school without teachers or principals. Your school is like a battlefield where you spend all day fighting other students.

School of “new style”

School of Chaos is located in a regular school like many other schools. It also includes a pedagogical campus, a gym, a basketball court, etc. Contains. However, the special point here is that the school is completely absent of teachers and guards. Zombies may eat them in mysterious ways, but they can’t be found at school. All that was left were the rebellious and destructive students. Bullying is increasing at school. The whole class had fierce battles of bad students. Everything else is a chaotic arena of student warfare.
And you? Surrender or intimidate in a disorganized place? I bet you can’t bear to be hit day by day. Also, it is better to find and train a way to be a boss where there is no good or bad, only the strong and the weak.

School of Chaos
School of Chaos


Playing School of Chaos means that you have to do a lot to get stronger. There are thousands of missions in the Quest Maker system to experiment and train yourself. Forget about boring tasks like studying, listening to lectures at school… Because now the sequence of tasks will be extremely unique and endless when you can create your own tasks, not only from the editor. Completed missions always bring many attractive rewards. They can be gold coins or war support items. This way you can unlock new weapons and armor.


Upon entering the sandbox world, players will engage in PvP school violence battles to find a way to survive. Your competitors are thousands of online players around the world. Of course, you have to be the strongest to win them. You can perform more than 30 different skills and the fighting skills of thousands of characters.

In addition, there is a huge equipment system that you can unlock. Countless weapons like armor, helmet or ax, sword, knife … all are in the shop as long as you get a lot of gold

When you are very strong and have no competitors, it is your time to bet, you are the boss. Being a boss is just a way of saying visualization. In fact, you are at the top of the battle rankings. This is enough for others to respect you.

Playing with friends

School of Chaos
School of Chaos

You get to meet a lot of people at School of Chaos. They are your friends or enemies. If more new friends are added, you can form a group and be ready to “fight”. If you have grown up, invite your friends to play this game. You and your friends can “go back” to high school. Fighting together, we enjoy moments of joy, sadness and happiness together.
Besides fighting all day, players can buy houses, build furniture for fun parties with their friends. It can be an ideal place to celebrate after winning matches. Party events will increase harmony among the friends who accompany you on your journey to school domination.

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School of Chaos opens up a sandbox world with stunning 3D graphics. The characters are extremely diverse and funny. They look like funny warriors. In addition, the context of the school brings a sense of innovation and familiarity.

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