SD Maid Pro MOD APK 5.1.4 (Pro Unlocked) For Android

SD Maid Pro

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SD Maid Pro MOD APK 5.1.4 (Pro Unlocked) For Android

SD Maid Pro MOD APK 5.1.4 –  is a powerful tool to manage and clean junk files. Download this app for free on APKMODY now!

Present in SD Maid Pro
During use, your device will constantly create unnecessary, log or junk files. If they are not cleaned, the device will lose performance and storage space will be reduced. SD Maid Pro is an effective solution you’ve been looking for. Although you can do this with Avast Antivirus, CC, you don’t have a second option if you want these things to be done faster and more efficiently.

A powerful cleaning tool for Android
SD Maid Pro has a powerful analyzer. When you run this function, the system will generate statistics about used data, large files and junk files, junk files. Soon you can delete them and free up memory with one click.

SD Maid Pro
SD Maid Pro

For other apps, this process is quite risky because browsing and searching are not really safe. If you accidentally delete an app or an important file used to start a specific process on the device, you’ll run into a major problem. But with SD Maid Pro, this doesn’t happen because it scans all types of files, searches for known locations, and can often be deleted. In addition, experienced users can create a custom filter to add files to the exception list or the list to be cleared.

Database optimization
Records and tables in the database can be created automatically during device manipulation. However, when not cleared, they can still exist, and this significantly reduces device performance as the query takes longer to run.

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Thankfully SD Maid Pro supports CCleaner as one of the most popular system cleaners. Use “VACUUM” SQL statements when generating blank pages to safely clean up your data without losing it.

File manager
More than a cleanup tool, you can manage your files directly in SD Maid Pro. You can check the number of folders, files, memory used or free space on your device. From there, the app provides an overview that is the most detailed.

Also, this file manager allows you to search with many filters. The name depends on the content, the time it was created, the time it was last modified, etc. You can search by.

SD Maid Pro
SD Maid Pro

One more thing, ES File Explorer is also a professional file manager with powerful file manipulation tools.

Check the operation of the device
With the control function of the application, you can control what will happen on your device. Applications and tasks are detailed about the CPU and memory used. If you find that you disable them but keep running in the background, you can freeze them here or force cancel them. Thus, your device minimized full memory, stuttering and lag.

Pro version tool
SD Maid Pro includes all the features in the free version and adds features like ad blocking and two app cleanup features, system cleanup.

You know, you will install many other applications on your device during use. When the cache and junk files get bigger, the app takes longer to start and sometimes crashes if you launch many apps at the same time. It needs to be cleaned regularly, SD Maid Pro will do this for you with the Cron Job Tool. You just need to set a schedule, the cleaner will automatically run to clean your device. Simple but very useful, right?

MOD APK version of SD Maid Pro

MOD feature
Pro Unlocked: You can use the Pro version for free by downloading our APK file.

Download : SD Maid Pro

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