Seek of Souls MOD APK 3.4 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Seek of Souls

Seek of Souls MOD APK 3.4 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Seek of Souls MOD APK 3.4  is an RPG that combines a one of a kind card game from the publisher TownSoftJP. In the game, you play as a free explorer exploring the world. And of course freedom has a price.

Soul Search: Freedom Has a Price

Is it easy to be a traveler?

I have watched many movies about a gentleman traveling the world to open his eyes, challenge himself, discover the wonders of the vast world. Today we call them “adventurers”, but we once called them “punk”. But is wandering as fun as we think?

You have to try the Seek of Souls game and then come to your own conclusion. You will play as a real punk. The search for the soul begins with the selection and naming of the characters. There aren’t many options for a gentleman to show up, but I’m sure he’ll be glad soon as they look so good.
A large map will then appear. You can come and go freely to see the whole map and then choose the one you want to explore the most. It could be a town, city, or a new land. In short, apart from the name and many visuals on the map, you don’t know more about their destination at the moment.

When you click on a particular place, welcome messages and a brief introduction to the new location appear one after another. Remember that you should read carefully, as some tips for traveling can be helpful.

Explore the town

Just choose where you want to go. And be sure, everywhere there are challenges waiting for you, big and small. Just like in real life, the hobo can travel anywhere, but the real truth is you have to work for a living before you want to become a knight to fight for others.

Fight bosses to get items.

Of course, you must have the skills and equipment to do great things. Great things start with the little ones. Before participating in real battles, you need to learn, train and collect items to strengthen your character. Currently the card element is integrated. After completing each small task, you will receive an item that could be a weapon, maybe armor, maybe food or money. Just do whatever it takes, don’t be picky about a great future ahead. Once you have enough points, feel safe enough then go back to higher missions.

Remember that there are always some knights and bosses in the village. Sponsor is a very generous person who gives a generous reward for every time you do something to help them. And gentlemen are people like you who are also on the way to travel the world. Each of them will have different abilities and powers as a sniper, swordsman, magician …

Perhaps you feel like you are not strong enough in an important battle. Then you have to invite one or two knights to help you. Of course, you have to lose money to hire someone to fight for you. The amount depends on the difficulty of the task.
Every time you fight the boss, simultaneously: you lose some elements of the cards or you lose your health bar. But in return, you will receive other items that are more advanced and valuable than many small ones.

Free to live, free to choose the level of difficulty.

While playing this game, you are not afraid of the end of the game. Thanks to the Resurrection mode, you can travel around the world all day. This means that when you die you will be revived, but the accumulated experience, skills, items and money are still not lost.

One of the great features of this game’s gameplay is that players can freely choose the difficulty of each scene. For example, you feel that the monster is very weak when you fight, you can choose the menu to increase the difficulty and power of the monster. Freedom is something that is always appreciated and addressed in the game. However, all freedom comes at a price and always comes with duty and responsibility, right?

Graphics and sound

In my opinion, the Seek of Souls graphics are pretty good. The designer focused on the instructions and graphics on the cards, while skillfully managing the image complexity by moderately reducing the head-to-head fight scenes. So no matter what you do, you’ll feel very light, comfortable and focused when needed. A peaceful and non-aggressive RPG is the soul of the whole game.

The music in the game is also very fluid and suitable for any context. Overall, I have nothing to complain about the graphics and background music in Seek of Souls.

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited money: money does not decrease.

Download : Seek of Souls

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