Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK 1.24.3 (Frozen Enemy) Free Download

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK 1.24.3 (Frozen Enemy) Free Download

About Shadow Fight 3

At first glance, it seems that Shadow Fight 3 is an unusual change in this fighting game franchise – the glossy black graphic style that inspired the name of the game is now being replaced by detailed and realistic 3D graphics. The main character is no longer a legendary warrior disguised in the dark, but a new face of Shadow Squad, whose name, gender and appearance are determined by you.

It can be said that Nekki, one of the best updates in the fighting games series of this popular game company, has greatly improved the game both in terms of gameplay and graphics. And thanks to these factors, Shadow Fight 3 has become one of the best fighting games on all platforms.

Familiar fighting game

Shadow Fight 3
Shadow Fight 3

Like other games of this genre, you’ll press the button and use the joystick to launch various attacks. From flying tops and punches to fully developed punches. Better still, you can learn new skills while playing.
Don’t forget to fight hard, because the opponent can throw the gun away from you. And if the weapon falls out of your hands, you will have to fight completely with your hand, unless you gather a dark force to help you.

Lots of equipment for your character.

In Shadow Fight 3, you will have the opportunity to use many different weapons and equipment. Enhance your character even more with incredibly dangerous looking items like Batman’s Bane’s character face, or weapons like double swords, daggers and nipples. The weapons and characters you choose will play an important role in deciding your unique fighting style.
There are many powerful legends that are rewarded when you win through difficult stages. You can collect, use and upgrade equipment to create a dreamlike combat gear set.

The game world is big and difficult.

Shadow Fight 3 revolves around the 3 Legion, Dynasty and Heralds factions fighting for power. The Legion’s Shadow Squad can control Shadow Energy, a powerful energy source. If you’re energized, your character will be able to use shadow form to increase speed, power, and unlock shadow ability. Do not be happy because the opponent may find the power of darkness too …
After choosing the faction you want to join, start training. As a new soldier of the Shadow Squad, you will have to face the emperor’s minions’ own moves and weapons to become the legendary warrior of the shadows.

New graphics

Shadow Fight 3
Shadow Fight 3

Previously, in Shadow Fight 2, our character will now only have the mysterious black color. After regaining his form, the character is back in full color with all-new, blockbuster 3D graphics. Shadow Fight 3 has raised the level of a fighting game to a new level by applying advanced design technology to this game, providing players with extremely beautiful and quality graphics, creating a vibrant and incredibly authentic world.
The graphic of the game is completely refreshed from the character system, the fight map … When I played it, I was impressed by the skill and combined effect in the game, it looks really monumental and exciting.

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MOD Feature

Freeze enemies (Thought the MOD Menu

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