Shop Titans MOD APK 6.2.0 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Shop Titans

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Shop Titans MOD APK 6.2.0 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Shop Titans MOD APK 6.2.0 – Games about heroes saving the world from evil forces have been familiar to generations of players. It is perfectly understandable that these games give you a feeling of honor and pride to win against your enemies. Doesn’t anyone want to be a hero? However, although the game I want to introduce to you today is still based on the hero theme, it will be completely new compared to the traditional games. This is Shop Titans MOD APK (Unlimited Money), an interesting simulation game from publisher Kabam Games.

Shop Titans
Shop Titans

Shop Titans still has monster fight scenes, but it’s not you, but heroic characters who participate in the fight. Your task is to create powerful weapons to equip the heroes. Don’t be in a hurry to think your role is unimportant! Weapons are indispensable elements of warriors. Also, in addition to helping save the world, your main goal is to become the world’s largest arms trade and manufacturing tycoon.

A master merchant
Initially, you are a new artisan blacksmith in the town where it is surrounded by dungeons filled with monsters. Don’t worry! There are already heroes willing to destroy them. However, facing the immense power of monsters, heroes really need useful equipment to fight. With all your passion, weapons, armor, medicines, etc. You will create a shop with equipment … Fighting, heroes really need you!

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Each hero has a unique un-awakened power. Therefore, it is you who awaken their potential powers by creating weapons tailored to each hero’s capabilities. With a strong team, heroes can easily fight enemies in the dungeon. They will bring you loads of loot and gold.

Become a gun king
Unlike Idle Miner Tycoon, Shop Titans is a gun shop management simulation game. So besides creating powerful weapons, you also need to manage your store to avoid bankruptcy. Willing to meet the needs of champions. They always need the latest equipment to get stronger. Additionally, they need more support elements. So work with local tailors, pharmacists, carpenters,… to create more supportive items such as medicine, hats or armor.

Shop Titans
Shop Titans

You can also join the Shop Titans mission mode to discover more powerful weapons. After building an army of many heroes, you will embark on an adventure to new lands by fighting monsters in epic battles. On each journey you will find many new weapons to diversify your shop.

Build and develop your store
By owning the largest gun store, you need to build your character looking good too. Dressing for your character, hair style, clothing, … Above all, medieval style will give your character a unique look.

Shop Titans
Shop Titans

Team up with your friends to build a rich and busy city. You can take part in the adventures of mysterious uncharted lands as well as heroes protecting the world. Make your city a vast and prosperous kingdom.

Shop Titans has great 3D graphics. This way, the characters of the game are detailed. Realistic battle scenes and powerful monsters will also make games more interesting than ever. In addition, the game opens up to your mysterious areas for you to enjoy the adventure.

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