Skullgirls MOD APK 4.6.1 (No Skill CD) Free Download


Skullgirls MOD APK 4.6.1 (No Skill CD) Free Download

Introduce about Skullgirls

The history

Skullgirls in the kingdom of Canopy is very important as a human being like Skull Heart and Skull Heart. Legend has it that every 7 years this artifact will give a wish to the woman who found it. Her taking is pure, her wish will come true. Otherwise, she will be cursed and transformed into a creature known as Skullgirls.

And then, the kingdom of Canopy, later Marie, the new Skullgirls. You will have to form your army to fight against her.

How to play


Start Skullgirls, you will join the fight with the villains. Your mission is to defeat all the enemies before time runs out.
The ones in the game are controlling enough flex. You touch the right side of the screen to perform punches or kicks. Meanwhile, touching the sides of the screen at the same time will create a critical attack.

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Skullgirls content is based on a tree model. You will choose the points (nodes) and the tree to play. That also means that you can choose challenges. Play This model is quite flexible, it was also processed and Marvel Contest of Champions from Kabam Games. Note that bosses appear in special nodes and that is something you cannot avoid.


As mentioned above, Skullgirls is a typical Gacha game. That means that you will get a random character when you open the cards and use the lucky circle. Characters have independent stats and abilities. They are also classified and you want to get rare, you will have to spend a lot of money to buy special cards.
Each character in the game belongs to a certain class, that’s what gives them special abilities. With this feature, Skullgirls brings many tactics for every battle. You will need to create the appropriate Team formation or select the fixed point in the tree and you want to increase your chances of winning.

Characters can also level up. That gives them attribute points and the ability to unlock new combat skills. You can test each character’s skill in the “Skill Tree”.


There are two types of rewards that I want to mention: the daily rewards and the winning rewards.

Skullgirls encourages players to start seon in the game every day by awarding them rewards. Just work hard to open the game every day, you also have a chance to receive many valuable items, such as coins, diamonds, ticket characters and keys to open special chests. Skullgirls also has and even for newbies. They will receive a new character when they log in for 7 days relax.

Including the winning rewards, experience points (for the group to fight), coins and diamonds. The amount depends on the performance you achieve. Example, beat the opponent and little time or you do not lose a team member.

Absolutely, Skullgirls, daily quest system also has. This is the system that gives the player a lot of resources.

Battle of cracks


Rift Battle is the mode is more important than Skullgirls. Here, you can connect with other players for real money competitive achievements. The road car system is also gioco matchmaking automatically opponents that match the strength of your squad. However, you have never done anything before and you have not communicated with battle.
Rift Battle provides information on understanding each character’s power nature and mastering control skills. If you feel that your skills and knowledge are not really good, you should apply more in Training mode. The system will provide suggestions and Correspondence Instructions to help you improve your skills and tactics.

MOD feature

Skill CD: MOD APK version reduces recovery to a zero. Thanks to that, you can continuously attack your opponents and win faster.

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