Sky Surfing MOD APK 1.2.6 (Unlocked All) For Android

Sky Surfing MOD APK

Sky Surfing MOD APK 1.2.6 (Unlocked All) For Android

Sky Surfing challenges your dexterity

“Are you kidding me? Who will play these shitty games in this age?” I think you’ll regret it after you try it. Because Sky Surf is a literally ordinary mobile game for deep people. The game doesn’t need to do much, just tap the phone screen, Drag your hand up and down to move the plane so that it touches and glides over the surface of obstacles in the air.

I’m saying surfing here is literally surfing. Have you ever watched or played surfing? This means you won’t get points if you fly higher than the surface. If you fly below the surface, whether you use an airplane or a spaceship, your plane will explode without a trace.

Now you understand why this is a difficult game. The difficulty is not in the game, but in the exact necessity of manipulation.

The game gives you something but it takes a lot from you

At first you control a helicopter, everything is quite easy. You can clearly see the surface you need to land on. How many mountains have passed, the game has statistics on the plane that tell you if you are about to pass a level.

Sky Surfing
Sky Surfing

Among the pots there are lots of gold to collect to help you buy new items and planes. And every time you “surf” a surface, you accumulate points. Money and points, the system will automatically calculate the following elements:

Rush Time – Immortalized, hit in all mountains and still earn maximum points.

Sky Surfing allows you to switch aircraft for even more fun experiences. Each plane has a different mechanism. You can control a squirrel, even a ferret. Very interesting.
Basically, Sky Surf just gives you some items for fun, collection of props and points for colorful planes, then the game removes many “blocks”.

The excitement stems from many other aspects of this simple game.

The scenes of the game are also very diverse and play multiple times in a single scene, avoiding actor boredom. Not only will the background, perspective and hue be different, but the mountain (as I mentioned earlier) will also be different. Obstacles can be not only mountains in the middle of the sky, but also a landing strip in the air, leaves flying in the sky, or an ancient relic in the middle of clouds.

Sky Surfing
Sky Surfing

Playing this game for a while I thought: “People are very interesting. We have 1001 ways to make everything more complicated, no matter how simple or easy to understand. “And this Sky Surf is an example. But it’s also a complex complexity that excites people. And so I played this game all afternoon, but it still had a lot of work to do.

Graphics and music are made for each other

The graphics in Sky Surfing are simple, nothing distracts you. The only thing is that the visual delusions will become more and more confusing, sometimes confusing, not knowing which is real, which is wrong, and then it will collapse. I really like the color combinations of the game. Create a very good romantic 3D feel, especially for scenes with purple and blue hues.

The background sound of Sky Surfing is very good. Especially collisions between planes and obstacles. The sound is customized for each aircraft.

MOD Feature

  • All planes unlocked

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