Sleep as Android MOD APK 20210503 (Premium Unlocked) For Android

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android MOD APK 20210503 (Premium Unlocked) For Android

Sleep as Android MOD APK 20210503 – as Android is the best sleep tracker and alarm app you can download for your Android phone. The app sells for $ 4.99 on Google Play. If you want to use this application for free, download it from the links below the article.

Present about sleep on Android

What is sleep like Android?
Sleep on Android is an app in the health category launched by Urbandroid. This smart app helps to improve the health and morale of everyone by helping to monitor and improve users’ sleep.

Sleep as Android
Sleep as Android

According to science, a person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep to keep the health and mind in balance. But work stress makes it difficult to fall asleep at night, poor quality sleep, poor sleep and waking up at night. When you wake up in the morning, you feel sleepy, lack alertness and concentration, which reduces the quality of the work. Needless to say, his health is becoming increasingly unstable. So Sleep as Android is here to help you regulate your sleep.

How does Sleep work on Android?
The application analyzes your sleep based on the large sensor of the smartphone. Your movement and breathing rate are related to the quality of your sleep. There is no need for assistive devices or smart watches, users just need to put the phone next to their body and go to sleep.

Timing of the alarm is also important in sleep quality. Like Android, sleep works like an alarm app on a mobile device. If you are in deep sleep, the app will not wake you up immediately, but it will wait for the right moment. Of course, you don’t have to worry about waking up late either, as the app will wake you up before setting the alarm.

Sleep as Android
Sleep as Android

In terms of usage, it uses Sleep as Android as default alarm app. Set the alarm time, then the app will wake you up in time. You can track sleep measurements such as sleep duration, sleep depth, irregularities and snoring in Tag Sleep Core.

Don’t forget to turn off WIFI when using Sleep on Android!
Since you need to keep your phone close to your body when using Sleep like Android, you need to turn off WIFI to improve your sleep. Science also advises people not to put the phone near their body, as the waves emitted by cell phones will affect their nerves and affect their sleep. Also, if we have WIFI, we often have a habit of reading the news and checking social networks before we go to sleep, making it difficult for us to sleep. So please turn off all WIFI, radio and music.

Some outstanding features

Sleep chart
Sleep Like Android is like your personal doctor and always keeps you sleepy while you are in deep sleep. The app analyzes the quality of your sleep based on sensors, vibration, your heart rate, gives you statistics, helps you understand your sleep state and how to improve your sleep.

Record your snoring
Sleep while Android records more than 600 snorings to detect your snoring. If it detects snoring, the app will record it so you can hear it again the next morning. You know, your snoring can annoy those around you. If your snoring is too high, the practice creates a vibrating effect, helping you stop snoring without frightening or waking you up.

Sleep as Android
Sleep as Android

Alarm sound
Set an alarm sound with your favorite music. During your sleep, there is plenty of classical music to choose from, also in Android’s built-in music store.

Music helps you fall asleep
If you have trouble falling asleep, listen to melodic music such as the sound of the wind from nature, the sound of the waves, the songs of the birds, to help your mind relax and help you fall asleep quickly.

Smart alarm
In addition to choosing your alarm clock wisely, Sleep as Android has a feature that prevents you from falling asleep after turning off the alarm. The app asks you to turn off the alarm with captcha codes, QR codes, math, puzzle solving instead of swiping or tapping. This feature keeps you awake and ready to start the day.

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Connect to some smart devices
To make the data in this app more accurate, you can connect Sleep like Android to some smart Android devices like Android Wear or Pebble.

Sleep MOD APK version as Android

MOD feature
Premium Unlocked: All Premium features are unlocked.

Should you use sleep as Android Premium?
Sleep as Android gives you more advanced features when you pay for the Premium plan. You can keep track of more information about your sleep and the app will not show ads on the screen. The app allows you to test it for 14 days before you decide to renew it. If you want to download and use Sleep as Android Premium for free, please select the MOD APK version of APKMODY.

Download : Sleep as Android

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