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Snapchat APK For Android

Snapchat APK – Tired of social media or chat apps like Facebook, Instagram? Are you looking for a photo chat app to share your stories with your friends? Snapchat APK will meet your needs.

Present on Snapchat
Snapchat, a photo chat app developed by this group of Stanford University students, officially released since July 2013, has more than one billion downloads from the official app market and more than 25 million user reviews from all over the world. Join me to find out what Snapchat has to offer.


Share interesting moments with your friends and family.
In everyday life, there are always some extremely interesting moments that you want to share with everyone: cute photos of pets, unique natural events … or simply sharing photos, videos of everyday life for your loved ones.

When you open Snapchat, the app opens directly to the camera section to help you quickly save memorable pictures or videos, then quickly share them with everyone using the send button in the lower right corner of the screen. To create videos with Snapchat, simply press and hold the camera button; the application will capture the video automatically. However, video recording and sharing is limited in this app, so you can only create short videos.

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You can also unleash your creativity with filters, bitmoji, or add characters or songs to photos, videos to create special moments. Snapchat always updates new bitmoji patterns and filters every day. In addition, this application allows users to create filters, thus producing images, videos with their own personality. Of course, you can also share them with other users in the community through your personal stories or contacts.

Make friends, chat unlimited
Like most chat apps, you can send messages to your friends in the form of text, picture or audio. But this is what makes Snapchat a worthy chat app:

You can create your own bitmoji with your friends.
You can create animated avatars through Snapchat avatar maker. Simple operations consisting of removing from the library, selecting body parts. After that, you will combine the face, eyes, nose, hairstyle and outfit to complete the piece. This avatar can of course be shared with others.
Create fun and funny animations by adding faces to images, animated stickers available on Snapchat. These animations will make the conversation fun for you and your friends.


Snapchat offers users extremely cool features so there will no longer be room for boredom in your chats. Users can participate in highly attractive games while chatting. The games in the app are not only for 2 players, but also allow you to create teams that you can play with others.
Snapchat also allows people to create group video chats of up to 16 people. People can use filters, glasses or bitmoji in this chat.

Explore the world around you with Snapchat
Not only can you share and chat, but you can also learn and connect with others in the vast Snapchat community.

In addition to the moments your friends share, you can discover content that users post on the app, such as daily news, fashion news, movies, or live stories shared by others around the world.

Snapchat also has a map feature that allows users to share their location and find people nearby. In this way, users can know if their friends are close to them. It’s great to meet like this, schedule a date together.

Share, connect and love with Snapchat
Snapchat keeps track of the moments you share with each of your friends. This app also offers special features to help your friends better understand each other for your common and unique traits through bitmoji style badges, horoscopes … From there, friends can share the same hobbies.


Snapchat celebrates an anniversary between the two of you on the app. When you see unforgettable moments together, the two of you will become more and more affectionately bonded. You can organize these moments and save them in your device’s camera library.

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