Sofa TV MOD APK 2.8.2 (No Ads) For Android

Sofa TV

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Sofa TV MOD APK 2.8.2 (No Ads) For Android

Sofa TV MOD APK 2.8.2 –  is a phone app that helps to watch movies in HD quality, the app is completely free and best of all without annoying ads.

Sofa TV – Watch HD Movies for Free with No Ads
There are quite a few good apps for watching movies on mobile platforms now. Each application has its own characteristics and differences. Today I would like to introduce you to one of the remarkable options: Sofa TV. This app will be for those looking for a free movie phone app in HD quality without fear of annoying commercial sequences.

Sofa TV
Sofa TV

Especially if you have a special interest in watching movies from two famous Hollywood and Bollywood movie platforms, you should download Sofa TV to your phone right away as this is an important feature of this app.

Sofa TV is very simple to use
After downloading and launching the application on your device. Three main movie blocks appear right before your eyes: Hollywood, Bollywood and television shows. Don’t forget to click on your subscription and the ringtone to get notified when there’s a new movie or the next episode of a movie you’re watching.

Go to Settings on the right to select outstanding traditions. Sofa TV’s subtitle feature is quite solid. You can choose English, French, Arabic, Hindi and many other languages ​​from the Arabic group. You can also choose the font size and subtitle color, which are very convenient for older people to follow.

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Next, choose the type of movie you want to watch. There will be great posters for every movie title. You can have various other movie options in more detail from this interface. For example, you can choose the resolution of the movie (480p, 720p, 1080p). A brief description of the content and a detailed poster are also shown in one section. After selecting it, just click “view”.

On this movie library screen, you can also easily like your favorite movies to add to your personal collection. After that, you will see it whenever you want without having to search over it.

There are buttons for forward, backward, large and small adjustment, stop, moderate play, and easy to adjust on the cinema screen. Switching to other sections can be done quickly and easily via the hidden list on the right of the screen.

Overall, I find the Sofa TV screen and movie interface quite similar to Netflix. So why do we have to watch movies on Sofa TV instead of Netflix or any other web movie source?

Sofa TV quality filter
Sofa TV is an application that integrates image and sound filters to ensure that the data received by the application from movie streaming sites is refined and updated to provide images and sound as vivid and stable as possible.

Sofa TV
Sofa TV

The ability to watch HD movies on Sofa TV is very powerful and displayed more clearly when used on large screen tablets. And especially HD mode can be applied to all movies in the app’s library, not just some.

Sofa TV also equips users with a button to quickly search for movies, search movies by different criteria without having to go to the app’s movie library.

Watch and search movie channels
You can watch a movie and click Settings for Sofa TV to watch automatically, notify you when there is a new episode of that movie or when related movies are released in the same content category you normally watch. Most movies and web apps have this feature, but I think it’s more elaborate on Sofa TV. This means that any information of every move, each new one (you really care about) is actively sent to you like any other app.

Watch live entertainment shows
It’s all about streaming video with a smooth, fast and lag-free stream. This is a feature that many mobile movie apps can’t do, or if so, you’re not sure if the update will be quick.

And there are some more important points:

  • Sofa TV; Available for Android, iOS and Firestick devices.
  • It is completely free and has no monthly subscription fee.
  • No ads will appear.
  • The ability to download movies through third-party ADM technology that specializes in high quality movie downloads.

MOD APK Sofa TV version

MOD feature

  • Ad-free

Download : Sofa TV

You can download this apk file by accessing the download buttons below:


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