Solar Smash MOD APK 1.4.1 (No Ads) Free Download

Solar Smash

Solar Smash MOD APK 1.4.1 (No Ads) Free Download


Destroy the planet, Paradyme Games’ innovative idea

Simulation games sometimes bring big surprises to players not because of the gameplay or the deep story but because of the crazy idea behind the simulations. Solar Smash is an example. When I first heard of my name, I thought it was a classic game when the Nintendo machines came out. I think I’ll shoot round asteroid-shaped cannons. And out of some curiosity about my childhood, I took it down and held my breath … this idea is so weird.

Solar Smash
Solar Smash

I am for the developer of this game who is obsessed with galaxies, universes, planets and black holes. Because the main idea of ​​Solar Smash is to find a way to destroy the planet. Doing this simple but exciting thing makes you feel like an omnipotent being that has the right to kill everything in this universe, no matter how big or small.

Guns that destroy the whole planet

In Solar Smash, the target is an entire planet, not small dungeon bosses in some popular games. So to destroy it, you will have hundreds of super heavy weapons at nnnn level, if you put them on the comparison chart, Thanos and Thor will not be as strong as you.

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I’ll list a few weapons that can scare you: giant nuclear missiles, powerful laser guns, and even small asteroids at your disposal. This is the weapon I think is the most innovative in the game. Imagine playing a ball game to drop and avoid big balls. In addition to using ordinary weapons, you can also use a number of small cannons to fight at the same time.

Solar Smash
Solar Smash

These weapons are very simple to use. Players can use giant nuclear missiles to blow up every part of the planet, both explode and enjoy the beauty of destruction because the color of this game is very beautiful. The designers probably worked hard to extract images and documents from many spatial and spatial documents, so everything looked so detailed and sharp. The process of blasting the planet is not over, but it is evolving slowly so that we can freely experience the quirky sensation of the destroyer.

And if you use super-powered lasers, you can’t burn the planet with less of the above mentioned weapons, but of course the way of incineration and destruction will be slightly different. The burned areas were more orderly, doing more damage to the interior of the planet, but less dispersed than nuclear missiles.

Best of all, this is my favorite weapon: drop the asteroid on the surface of the planet you want to destroy and watch it destroy a series of planets. How heavy! Sometimes we can create fun masterpieces like this by hand in the sabotage process.

The feeling of being a powerful God of the Universe.

Of course, you have the right to choose any planet as a target. There are hundreds of planets that vary in color, size, shape, and even how slowly each planet burns with the same weapon. This is what creates great excitement in the game.

The universe is simulated with realistic 3D graphics.

I also like another thing: The planet simulation in Solar Smash isn’t just one-sided, it’s a fully animated 3D image. You can see how the planet moves without explosion and how the superstructure radiates beauty from itself. Each planet will have its own beauty, you won’t want to destroy some of the beauties.
All these goodies are thanks to the developer’s very detailed graphics. Lines, colors, perspectives, color schemes to documentary references all shine from the first scenes when your eyes hit the first planet. It’s hard not to admire the mysterious and futuristic look of the planets in Solar Smash.

Solar Smash
Solar Smash

Beautiful graphics with catchy music. The sound, especially from the encounters between guns and planets, is sharp, regular and exciting. These two dishes basically create fun meals for gamers only.

After all, it is impossible not to mention the respectable animations of the team that made the game. The way the planet has ceased to be a whole, from being shot down, burning, and gradually disappearing sometimes upsets you. My emotions sometimes turn from curiosity, surprise, and excitement, to feeling a little bruised when I see a cosmic masterpiece gradually forgotten, turning into ashes or buried in a dead-end black hole.

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