Stardew Valley apk mod + Data (Unlimited Money)

Stardew Valley apk mod + Data (Unlimited Money)

Stardew Valley  apk – In the modern world, people want to live in big cities where facilities are available and people can enjoy life. But at the same time, many people want to live in peace and want to left urban irregular lifestyle. Most people love to live in the countryside where they get a peaceful life and a healthy lifestyle. Life in the countryside is more productive and healthy, where people grow their farms, setup livestock to get good food and life is less stressful as compared to urban areas.

This android app gives you a peaceful life depiction with attractive features. Stardew Valley apk is an RPG android game developed by Chucklefish Limited. This game won Golden Joysticks’ Breakthrough Award and get nomination Game of the Year 2017 BAFTA Games Awards. This game is one of the best games, and different from Township, Hay Day, FarmVille 2 or Farm Simulator 18 as these are not the RPG games. Let’s take an overview to know more about this game. You can download this game at the end of this page.

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Stardew Valley apk latest is like the simulator game but its an RPG game in which you moved into the countryside where you have to start farming, make livestock, make relationships, participate in events and much more. You can make your beautiful fields into abundant farms. Design your farms and grow a wide range of crops. Take care of animals and breed them to grow more animals.


The is started when your grandfather is passed away and he wrote you a letter with this message “When you feel distressed, open this letter. If you get tired of office work and it can kill you anytime (You can see a full “structure” in the office where you are working).” When you will decide to read the letter you will find that your grandfather gifted you some land which is located at Stardew Valley, Pelican Town of Stardew Valley apk.


Stardew Valley apk mod

Stardew Valley apk mod

Start the Game

Stardew Valley mod apk is started with character selection where you can select characters and you can customize your character by changing hair colors & hairstyles, eyes colors, and outfits. Now you have to select the location, you can select five different areas including your base station which has enough tools to start farming, water area, the forest where you can find rocks, minerals, wood, and other stuff. Be aware of the monster in the evening.

Design Your Farm

This is an RPG game, not simulation so your main character will have some basic tools for battle and he has some skills to fight against monsters and demons. You can use your skills and do the following things in Stardew Valley apk.

  • Start Farming: Start farming by growing your farm like gardening, harvesting, watering the plants, growing fruit trees and rasing animals. In other words, you have to make your farm enough to produce food for all.
  • Explore Area: Explore the area and start finding mining stones, cut trees and hunt around the area.
  • Fishing: Fishing is the most fun part of this game, this sounds like easy but believe me, it’s not as easy. You have to do more practice to catch a fish, after practice you can try to find fish, if you are lucky you can have a fish.
  • Combat: This is a farming game but you have to make the fight against demons that can destroy your fields.

Make Family:

In Stardew Valley mod apk, there are some other interesting features like you can interact with Non-Player Characters (NPC). You can talk to them, exchange gifts and make your relationship better with other NPC.  You can also make a family by talking with 12 available women NPC. STalk with them and give them gifts and propose them, you can then marry someone and have kids. Get Stardew Valley mobile free download now and enjoy family things like real.

Stardew Valley mod

Stardew Valley mod

Features of Stardew Valley apk

  • Turn your fields into a beautiful and abundant farm.
  • Raise animals and breed them to produce more
  • Customize your main character and home with a variety of options.
  • Start your family with the marriage proposals of 12 different women NPC.
  • Participate in events and become part of the community.
  • Explore the land and tackle with dangerous monsters and demons.
  • Enjoy the fishing and have fun.
  • Awesome gameplay with the stunning interface of Stardew Valley apk.
  • Updated single-player content including dating events, fishing, growing crops, make new clothes, breed pets, and much more fun.


In the end, I’ll give you just a short overview of this game. Stardew Valley apk is Role Playing android game different from simulation game in which you can design your farm by growing crops, harvesting crops, raise pets & animals and breed them. You can experience a lot of fun like fishing, make your family by giving marriage proposals to 12 different women NPC. You may participate in festivals and become familiar with other people. Customize your home and your character with a bunch of tools available.

Stardew Valley mod apk

Technical Detail of Stardew Valley apk

  • Name: Stardew Valley apk
  • Category: Role Playing
  • Version:
  • Android: 4.4 and above
  • Size:129MB
  • Developer: Chucklefish Limited

Download Stardew Valley apk

You can download Stardew Valley mod apk latest by clicking download buttons given below:

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