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StarMaker APK 7.9.5 For Android

StarMaker APK 7.9.5 For Android – Music is part of life. It helps to create new colors, rhythms and relax people. One of the music-based entertainment genres that is gaining popularity and popularity is Karaoke. People can sing their favorite songs with their families and friends. StarMaker APK: One of the best Karaoke apps for Android devices is what I would like to suggest you in this post.


Give a presentation in StarMaker
Despite its fairly late release, StarMaker is slowly defending its position and becoming Smule’s biggest competitor. Join me to find out why StarMaker is so popular!

Sing your favorite songs, enjoy a huge music library.
When you start StarMaker, the app will go to your country location to recommend related content. Therefore, as soon as you successfully access the home screen, you can see the most popular songs, old hits or latest hits in your country.

However, StarMaker is not that boring. The app not only offers regional songs, but also offers many popular songs from around the world. You can easily search by keyword, search by category, music genre or artist name through the search bar. StarMaker recommends top singers like Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift or Maroon 5. When you choose one of them, you will get a list of hundreds of songs sorted by popularity and decreasing popularity.


With StarMaker, you can find many songs and sing karaoke with your friends and family for free. This form of entertainment is fun and very healthy, right?

Record wonderful moments by singing
During karaoke, you can record moments and share them with your friends or directly on your personal profile.

StarMaker supports recording functions. By default, the app will save all the songs you have just played. To start playing music and recording, simply press the “start” button in the middle of the screen. If you want to record a video, simply tap the camera icon in the right corner of the screen. If the off mode disappears and the screen displays in camera mode, you have successfully turned it on.

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All in all, the StarMaker recording mode is highly supportive. You can beautify it with effects such as face lift, natural, whitening … If you do not want to use the beauty function, you have another option with color filters. There are dozens of color filter themes to choose from and make your recordings more stylish! You can also add dozens of looks and effects to the screen.

When you complete the song, the system will evaluate it on the rating scale. The evaluation criteria, how you interpret the song, whether the lyrics match the music, if you need to skip the sentences… You can share your notes to get everyone’s praise.

For recordings (sounds and images), you can customize the sound, add sound effects, add emotions, adjust the speed, add slideshows, add cover photos and much more. StarMaker also allows you to add status lines and captions to your recording before sharing or saving it to a device.

Join live shows and interact with idols
StarMaker is not only for entertainment, it is also a platform that helps you connect and interact with your idol.

In fact, there are many famous singers using StarMaker. They can open live shows to sing and interact with their fans. This function is the same as the live broadcast function. People can join live show rooms, chat, leave hearts or emoticons, share live shows or give gifts to idols. Of course, you can also sign up to be an idol. You will interact with your fans and earn money with the gifts they give you.


In addition, StarMaker also has real idol reviews, and those with the most likes, followers, or successes are ranked first. Can you record yourself in these tables? Download StarMaker and try it now!

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