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Summertime Saga

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Summertime Saga MOD APK 0.20.7 Free Download

About Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga is an extremely interesting visual novel game from the publisher Kompas. This game works like a simulation game where you can explore the life of a teenager studying in high school. This kid doesn’t know that many interesting activities and events will happen during this varied summer. Like Fap’s CEO, the game has several NSFW scenes that require you to be at least 18 years old.

Summertime Saga
Summertime Saga


The story of Summertime Saga is about a boy in high school. His father took another wife, so he became a stepmother (Debbie) and a half-sister (Jenny). When his father died, he had to move to a suburban area to live with his stepmother. His father owes a large sum of money to a mysterious gang of gangsters, he had to find a way to earn money to pay his college tuition and the money his father owed.

How to play

Although the history of the game is about mafia and gangs, you don’t need to fight or join firefighters like Grand Theft Auto. You’re a normal kid with a normal life like every other high school student in town. Normal life doesn’t mean it’s boring. There are many challenges and challenges that arise every day, and you have to face them calmly and find ways to overcome them.

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Summertime Saga has 65 characters and 30 locations in the city. With the visual novel gameplay, you have to chat with the characters that appear in your life every day. They provide you with the information and requirements you need to realize. By completing the given tasks, you will receive valuable items and money that will help you pay for life.

Summertime Saga
Summertime Saga

Summer holiday

After the introduction of the story, you wake up in your room in the first scene. The room consisted of a broken computer, a telescope, a bed, and a few other parts. When you open the room, you meet your stepbrother, Jenny. She always looks weird and she calls you a loser most of the time. She meets her stepmother downstairs after she has a little chat. During his summer vacation, he offers to look at Erik’s family garden and give you a part-time job. Erik is your classmate. The map icon in the upper left corner of your screen helps you quickly get to places in the city. After cleaning Erik’s garden, you and he are going to school. Principal Smith invited him to meet him and show off his academic record. His rating is very low and he misses most of the subjects. If you want to graduate, you must take classes quickly to raise your grade.

Summertime Saga
Summertime Saga

Since then, there will be a series of extremely interesting stories. You cannot guess everything. Especially the main character of Summertime Saga is a very lucky guy. Wherever he went, he met hot, beautiful girls. Very good friends this summer vacation.

Clean and deceived

Summertime Saga has two main modes including Clean Up and Cheat. In clean mode, you must complete every story the game requires. Complete each conversation and help the main character solve every problem in his life. It’s something you need to remember, listen to, and remember regularly. Maybe it will help you find the necessary things faster. Summer Saga is beautifully designed like an animated movie. The district of the coastal town is beautifully colored. The population density is not overcrowded, you can feel the tranquility of a small coastal town. I especially love the way you create hot girls in this game. The girls have an extremely beautiful and sexy look. I can play this game for hours without getting bored.

 MOD features

  • Unlock Stage
  • Unlock the map
  • Increase money
  • Increase statistics

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