Super Fighter M APK 1.8.001 Free Download

Super Fighter

Super Fighter M APK 1.8.001 Free Download


Super Fighter M is the story is too familiar, a classic character for every kid. But don’t think the game is boring and boring you. Once you try it, you’ll understand why Super Fight M has its own place among dozens of games about Super Mario and the adventure of rescuing Princess Peach.

First, we have a completely different beginning

Unlike other Mario versions you’ve played. That means, in the old format, you go through each scene, defeat every little monster, then face the boss and save the princess. In Super Fight M, Mario faced the final boss in the first scene. The day she proposed to Princess Peach, monsters appeared and stole her from the eyes of many people. Thanks to Daisy’s magic, Mario is “thrown” into the large fleet with Peach and the final boss.

Super Fighter
Super Fighter

Of course you have to overcome some little monsters. The main action of the player in this game is to touch, flip, slash and attack. Fight monsters, collect money, items are the same process, so everything is pretty simple.

Simple handling but requires skill, speed and dexterity

The most important thing is the ability to dodge, dodge bullets and move quickly to approach the enemy with the most skill. The way Super Mario turns when attacking and the speed factor make a big difference to Super Fight M’s gameplay.

Super Fighter
Super Fighter

The second difference is that Princess Peach sometimes appears and tells you what to do via a dialog box. These little chats focus and motivate you to help Mario save the girl he loves.

Where the game really begins

Next, let’s go back to the story and the general background. After battling the little monsters for a while, Mario will face the boss. It has a huge size and strength and easily hits Mario in the blink of an eye. When Mario awoke, he realized that he was in an unknown land.

The place where you land is in a completely different fantasy land, a bridge that will help you find a new friend and get into new situations. On the map of the region you’re holding, in every country you go to (whatever), the boss also has a powerful butler. You have a stronger partner in every scene. This friend takes turns searching for special items, scores goals for Mario, and eventually teams up against the boss of each scene.

This also means that you will have many friends after many scenes. They may look like they are fighting, or they can sometimes seem to cheer Mario up, they can even help Mario collect items so he can focus on fighting. Anyway, these guys are an important part of Mario’s journey, they are all characters that appear in Mario games. In the final scene, when Mario encounters the final boss to save Princess Peach, all of his friends appear and fight together.

Mario is no longer alone, he has many friends

Mario is now Super Mario with lots of power and skill points. After being upgraded in battle rounds, he will get stronger and learn more new skills to fight powerful bosses.

Super Fighter
Super Fighter

Not to mention, there are many friends standing shoulder to shoulder around you, ready to help you when you run into trouble. Everything is at your fingertips, including spirit, strength and support. Can you save Mario’s love?

Why does Super Fight M attract so many players?

Mario, in turn, will cross different lands on the zone map. Every place has its own characteristics and new history. The huge, varied, and extremely rich character lines in Super Fighter M are a huge appeal, and while the theme isn’t new, it really does have a positive impact for the game. Mario’s raised friends, bosses, scenes and forms are completely different. This is arguably the most heroic Mario game I’ve ever played.

The second attraction is the graphics. When I have a Mario game like this on my phone, I have to use the word “curiosity” to talk about graphics. You not only include some classic scenes in the Mario game, you also experience beautifully designed scenes. The scenery, the backdrop, the color scheme … everything around you is new, detailed and sharp. And this is the effort of a dedicated design team.

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