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Super Tank Rumble

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Super Tank Rumble APK 4.6.4 For Android

Super Tank Rumble APK 4.6.4 –  Tank games were associated with my childhood. The feeling of being able to control a tank that can shoot anything and conquer your friends in an enjoyable battle is a great memory.

Super Tank Rumble
Super Tank Rumble

Presentation about Super Tank Rumble

Today, on the occasion of discovering a very interesting game title about this tank shooter genre, I will present this game with a desire to relive some of your memories inside. Son of Smilegate Megamort, the publisher who launched CrossFire, Super Tank Rumble is full of fun and action and promises to provide relaxing moments for gamers.

Super Tank Rumble features basic balancing gameplay on a 2D graphics platform. Don’t follow the trend at first sight and don’t take the top down angle like tank shooter game, this game choose landscape view from PS1 games.

You can control a large tank to participate in real battles. Players will receive support via on-screen controls to dominate the tank. All of the buttons that move the tank forward or backward, raise the barrel up or down, shoot, all appear on the interface.

How to play
While participating in the battle, you need to control your tank smoothly and flexibly to defeat the enemy. Cause damage to opponents by shooting bullets. Each player will have a certain amount of HP. When your HP bar is 0, you lose.

However, Super Tank Rumble has an extremely interesting mechanism. When you take a certain amount of damage, tank parts will drop and cannot be used. The move shows that the manufacturer wants to improve the game’s reality and make the game more tactical than pure action. If you want to win, you have to be very thin with every move to avoid the opponent’s shots.

Super Tank Rumble
Super Tank Rumble

Super Tank Rumble launches different modes to meet the needs and conditions of all players. However, whether in PvP mode or PvE mode, the game is still extremely fast and requires your versatility and creativity.

Drive the tanks the way you want
In addition to burning battles, Super Tank Rumble also offers a mechanism for building tanks with your own designs. By participating in all game modes, you will have tank components like cannon balls, chains, toolboxes and even wheels to help you complete your own tank.

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You will not need to assemble the vehicle to a specific frame. As long as it works and helps you beat your opponents in the game, you can “freestyle” to shape them however you want. Have you ever thought of a 5-gun tank? Do whatever you want in Super Tank Rumble!

However, keep in mind the level and statistics provided by each component. Using them right is okay, but if they’re unreasonable, your tank won’t be any different from a moving pile of debris.

In my opinion, this is probably the most interesting feature of Super Tank Rumble, which is an extremely magical feature that activates your creativity. Build the tank of your dreams and take it into battle!

Share your design with everyone
Super Tank Rumble supports player integration and helps each other around the world. If you have an idea about a powerful war machine, feel free to share it with other players. Doing so will help you earn a relatively large amount of money in the game. On the contrary, you can buy good designs from other players as well.

Super Tank Rumble
Super Tank Rumble

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