Supernatural City MOD APK 0.4.7 (Unlimited Money/Energy) Free download

Supernatural City MOD APK

Supernatural City MOD APK 0.4.7 (Unlimited Money/Energy) Free download

The story of the mysterious city, girl and charming ghosts.

With the unique fun style of Angry Birds game maker Rovio Entertainment, the mystery in Supernatural City is not scary but very cute and bright. It’s a story about a girl, Ellie. One day, Ellie received a strange call saying her father had disappeared. Ellie immediately flew to her hometown of New Gateway, a modern, monumental and vibrant city where she was born and raised.
Upon entering the house, he was surprised to see that everything was messy, broken and rounded, and of course his father never came. In many different ways, it will find each item individually, turn it on and collect many different power supplies.

You realize that this source of power does not come from reality, but because you have the ability to communicate and feel with spirits. Ellie’s life had completely changed from the moment she started talking to the same ghost in her childhood home. And as a messenger from heaven, Ellie also listens and helps fulfill the wishes of the ghosts.

Supernatural City
Supernatural City

In normal life, Ellie is willing to help people when they need it and whatever they can. But what no one expected was that the creatures and ghosts in Ellie’s house were related to each other. And through these pieces of the puzzle, all the secrets about this mysterious and magnificent city are slowly revealed, the secrets of her father’s disappearance and Ellie’s secrets are gradually revealed.

The game is smooth, simple and energetic.

First of all, thank you to the developer team for making such a fascinating piece of art. Every scene of the game, whether static or dynamic, is the heart of childhood, the lights of the city, the night sky full of stars …
Diving into this colorful movie is a fairly slow game. Ellie is calm about just about anything. She listened to the instructions of an invisible fairy in the way she used the car, and then met the difficulty quite smoothly and slowly, causing her heart to be quite calm despite her transformation into Ellie. You only have 2 main actions in the game:

Ghosts are cute and deep

The game characters are many. Every person has a different story, physique, and unique shape. They have problems that cannot be solved on their own, but they must rely on Ellie.

Every time he helps someone, he will receive a thank you gift from him, which is also a valuable item. This line of items, items Ellie encounters, and points from match 3 levels will allow Ellie to further explore her special abilities. He would connect, intertwine, to understand more about this mysterious city.

Ellie was not alone on the journey, either. They will have cute friends, especially the charming ghost dog. The looks of these friends are so sweet.

Supernatural City
Supernatural City

What surprises me is that the developer has created a multi-layered story with so many characters who are (or are used to) New Gateway City residents. Then the ways in which they relate to each other and Ellie’s own story are gradually resolved with a surprising ending.

Graphics and background music

During the trip, Ellie will have the opportunity to walk through every street of the city and explore places it has never been. And trust me, the scenes in Supernatural City are beautiful and real.

I don’t need to say more about the people in the game, just by looking at the screenshot you can tell how cute and lively everything is created, especially the facial expressions of each character.

Integrated into this is background music mixed with a bit of mystery and romance. The sound in every action is also smooth and reasonable. Nothing extreme, nothing loud, just little sounds in life but it feels fresh and very real.

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MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Money / Energy

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