TeaTV MOD APK 10.1.7r (No Ads) For Android


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TeaTV MOD APK 10.1.7r (No Ads) For Android

TeaTV MOD APK 10.1.7r –  is one of the online movie streaming apps from broadcaster Noaman Ahmd. In this little app you can find movies, TV shows or dramas that have been previously shown in theaters.

Present on TeaTV
Movies have long been in demand for entertainment for many. Especially with the current internet boom, streaming apps are becoming more and more popular thanks to their convenience, giving users a lot of information that doesn’t require much effort to search. And now, with TeaTV, you can easily enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies and anime at home.


Modern interface
The first impression when using TeaTV is that you will see that they are designed with a modern and smart interface. The main shade is orange but does not create a shimmery feel. The layout, function buttons and submenu are arranged in the edge areas of the screen. This modern approach is the ultimate way to engage a young audience who loves their streaming player.

In addition, each content is categorized and ranked according to each category. This helps users search for movies faster.

Large movie storage
Compared to other streaming apps of the same genre, TeaTV has proven to be no less competitive while having a large movie storage space. Thousands of popular movies, TV shows and TV shows are regularly updated on TeaTV, from Hollywood movies to Bollywood movies to European and Asian movies.

You can also search by genre, from romance, science fiction and action to less popular genres such as history, war, and comedy. Especially for those who love Japanese culture, TeaTV anime movies will really excite you.

All are updated quickly and you can try TeaTV to watch the latest movies and cinemas.


You can experience Netflix MOD APK, one of the best movie players in the world.

Smart filters
TeaTV offers you many options. You can filter the movies with two options, including top rated movies and popular movies.

Alternatively, if you can’t remember the title of a movie you’ve watched or a movie from a long time ago, you can search for it on TeaTV by filtering by genre, popularity, release year, or that keyword. film.

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Especially those who watch TV series and anime accidentally forget the last episode they watched, they can check it from the TeaTV broadcast history.

You can also add your favorite movies or interesting movies that don’t have time to the watch list. This way you won’t miss interesting content.

Supports multiple languages
What satisfies me most about TeaTV is that it preloads content and maintains a good connection even in areas with a stable or unstable ISP. As a result, users can enjoy Full HD videos even when their ISP is not working.

The second thing I want to speak is language. It seems Noaman Ahmd has more goals for its implementation, given its multi-language support for most of the content available. This includes subtitles, movie descriptions, and popular content for each region.

Finally, TeaTV will read the history and rely on the content you see in the app to package and recommend other similar content.


Since TeaTV has just been released, the app still has some limitations. Netflix, Sony Crackle, Hotstar, VIU, … etc. Compared to famous streaming player apps like, TeaTV didn’t really get to the top. However, you can expect great features in the next update release.

TeaTV’s MOD APK version

MOD Features

  • Ad-free
  • Pop-up is disabled
  • Mandatory update is disabled
  • Analysis disabled
  • Unwanted permissions, recipients, and services removed

Download : TeaTV

You can download this apk file by accessing the download buttons below:


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