Teeny Titans: Collect & Battle 1.0.7 (Full) Apk for Android

Teeny Titans

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Teeny Titans: Collect & Battle 1.0.7 (Full) Apk for Android

Teeny Titans: Collect & Battle 1.0.7Discover | To get | War
Collecting teeny Titan figures is all the rage in Jump City and Robin is KEPT. Explore the entire city to find new miniature comic book characters from the DC superhero universe, face challenges, complete side missions, participate in tournaments, fight your opponents and perfect your strategy in this epic action-packed adventure RPG. Go to the Teen Titans Store!

Teeny Titans
Teeny Titans

I have to get them all! Collect Teeny Titans figures in stores in Jump City. Each store has different stocks and changes regularly, so you never know what new figures to find when searching for shelves.

Expand your Teeny Titans collection with figures from all members of the Teen Titans with Terra, Kid Flash, ’80s Titans, Red X, Batgirl, Silkie and many more surprises!

Assemble your team and face off in epic 3v3 battles! Find your perfect combination of equipment as you win more battles, unlock new abilities, trade and level your numbers. From Starfire’s laser sight to Cyborg’s waffles, the possibilities are endless!

In deep but accessible combat, you’ll perform super moves in real time with the war stick – your time counts and every decision counts. Switch between your heroes instantly to launch awesome attacks and take down your opponents!

All Jump City is here for you to discover! Stop by Zippy’s Pizza, see the figures at Lil ‘Alfreds Toy Cave, and visit more than just the show.

Jump City is also full of friends and foes offering side missions and surprises, as well as other Teeny Titans collectors ready to fight with you.

Teeny Titans
Teeny Titans

Complete special missions, participate in awesome battle tournaments and unlock new episodes of Jump City on your journey to become a Mega Teeny champion!

Teeny Titans offers original voices from Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy!


This game is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.

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Teeny Titans
Teeny Titans

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