Telegram MOD APK 7.7.2 (Lite, Optimized) For Android


Telegram MOD APK 7.7.2 (Lite, Optimized) For Android

Telegram MOD APK 7.7.2 – Telegram is one of the best free messaging apps for Android phones with over 400 million users worldwide. The MOD APK version will help your app run better on your phone.


Present on Telegram

The best free messaging app for Android
Besides Messenger, Telegram is the best free messaging app for your Android phone. This communication application, with more than 400 million users worldwide, was developed by the Durov brothers. Before starting the Telegram project, they developed the Russian social network Vkontakte (known as VK), which was later bought by

The application has many powerful, simple and useful functions that help users make calls and send text messages every day. Many countries, including South Korea, encouraged their public to use Telegram for communication purposes.

Why should you use Telegram for Android phones?
There are many reasons to use Telegram as the default messaging app for your Android device. First, they have a very large network. After 8 years of development, the app has attracted more than 400 million daily active users. It’s really a huge number. Thus, you can easily communicate with your friends at home and abroad. Geographic distance is no longer a big issue with Telegram.

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Second, Telegram pays special attention to the security of user data. They use the MTProto protocol as the basis of messaging. Specifically, this developer regularly changes offices to avoid “unwanted intervention” for the team, and also agrees not to provide user data to the government or any organization. Before the data is sent, it is encrypted over several layers, ensuring that no one can read your data.

Besides security reliability, Telegram doesn’t require your phone to be overly configurable. You can use the app without any problems, even if you have a mid-range phone. The application can also send messages in areas with unstable transmission quality. All this thanks to Telegram’s servers being located all over the world as part of a distributed network.


Finally, to make it easier for users to work with Telegram anytime, anywhere, the cloud sync app allows you to log in and chat on all platforms such as iOS, Android, computers, desktops and tablets.

Some extraordinary features of Telegram

Create chat groups of up to 200,000 members
Many companies choose Telegram to deliver and report important news. This is because Telegram allows you to create chat groups with a maximum of 200,000 participants. This number Messenger is totally superior to WhatsApp and other apps in the same category.

Send funny stickers to your friends and family.
Many users have been affected by Telegram tags. Conversations become more interesting, fun and emotional when you know how to choose funny stickers instead of the words you want to say. In particular, stickers are always featured in sports, movies, art, animals, etc., according to the most exclusive trends in the world. It is fully updated on the topics … You will not feel “outdated” while using Telegram.

Edit photos and videos directly in the chat box
You want to send the photo you just took to your friends, but suddenly you realize that there are some details in the photo that you don’t want everyone to know. Don’t worry, edit before sending it to anyone. Without the need for third-party editing software, Telegram allows you to edit photo details in a detailed and convenient way. Easily crop, merge, zoom, zoom and rotate your photos. Add fun color filters and stickers to make your photos more interesting. If you want to hide unsightly pimples on the face, use a small icon that will make it more beautiful and help you hide blemishes.

Upload files without size limit
Telegram allows you to upload any file in the chat box, including multimedia files such as mp3, mp4, jpg, m4v. You can also send document files like docx, xls, pdf or pptx, compressed files like zip or rar.


Applications such as Messenger or WhatsApp usually limit the file upload size (25 MB for Messenger and 16 MB for WhatsApp). Of course, Telegram also limits the file size, but that number is 1.5GB. I am not kidding. This number is real. You can even upload a movie to the chat box to share with everyone. After successful submission, if the owner doesn’t delete the files, the files will be permanently stored in the cloud.

Secret messages and calls
If you have private chats, I don’t want

your location
If you have an appointment with friends or partners, you can easily share your location with one tap if everyone communicates via Telegram.

Dark mode
Evening is a good time to chat with your friends and family. You can only chat with them at night, especially if you have friends in the other half of the hemisphere. Please select Telegram’s dark mode to minimize blue light, help protect your eyes.

This app has no ads
Two brothers, Durov, connected to users, Telegram, was developed based on a non-profit model. The application does not contain any ads that appear on the screen, giving you the most comfortable experience during use.

Version of MOD APK Telegram

MOD features

  • Disable Analytics
  • Optimized graphics
  • Add more themes
  • Disable trash classes

Is Telegram MOD APK safe for your Android phones?
The answer is Yes. Telegram’s MOD APK version only changes some features to give you a smoother experience. You should download the MOD APK file to APKMODY to make sure it is safe.

Download : Telegram

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