Temp Mail MOD APK 2.64 (No Ads) For Android

Temp Mail

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Temp Mail MOD APK 2.64 (No Ads) For Android

Temp Mail MOD APK 2.64 – This article introduces Temp Mail, its features and the benefits it can provide. We also provide a MOD APK version that you can download and use.

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Today, e-mail services are widely used at work and life. You also regularly communicate and chat with other people through the e-mail system. However, some special work needs mean you always have to create different email accounts, and it seems like you only use them a few times.

Temp Mail
Temp Mail

If you normally need to create an account, it takes a lot of time and effort and this can affect your productivity. Temp Mail is the solution for you. The app helps you create emails without going through the verification process. Your identity is also completely anonymous and you do not have to receive spam.

Application that helps you create temporary emails.
As mentioned, Temp Mail is an application that supports creating temporary emails. The word “temporary” here means that you can quickly create email accounts and then delete them and information with one click.

How to create a temporary email account? All you have to do is start the Temp Mail application. An account with a random address will be available. Email address is random, in case you are using the free version. If you are using the paid version, you can edit the email address as you wish.

Alternatively, if you want to delete the existing temporary email to create a new email, simply press the “change” button. The old email will be deleted. Of course, data, attachments, old mailboxes or related information will also be deleted. This process is fast and requires no authentication.

Temp Mail
Temp Mail

However, you should know that an email that has been deleted cannot be recovered. Also, if you are using the free version, you can only delete and create new limited emails every day.

Should I use Temp Mail?
Why not use Temp Mail when it offers great benefits and services? Temp Mail helps users stay anonymous and quickly deletes and creates new emails to send mail to friends and customers for users who want to remain anonymous.

Temp Mail’s temporary emails do the same thing and work like regular emails like Google Mail or Microsoft Mail. You can receive files, view them directly or download them to your device via Temp Mail.

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The app also lets you customize the notifications. You can enable notifications when a message arrives and reply to your partner immediately.

Also, Temp Mail is especially appreciated for its ability to filter emails. You won’t have to deal with too much marketing or spam email anymore. All emails are vetted and vetted before they are sent to your inbox. As a result, you won’t waste time or run into fraud issues.

What’s more in the premium version of Temp Mail?
For most people, the free version of Temp Mail should be enough. However, some people who use temporary email more often and want to take advantage of premium features for convenience may use the paid version offered by the developer. In particular, the premium package offers the following services:

  • Custom Email Name: The prefix before the @ symbol can be customized. Of course, you have to make sure that the email doesn’t match with any other email.
  • Premium domains: You can customize the domain name with custom names instead of individual domains.
    Fill in forms automatically.
  • Large email storage capacity – Storage is limited in the free version. Because of this, you may lose emails with important attachments.
  • No Ads – Ads are completely removed. You can create unlimited new emails without watching advertising videos.

    Temp Mail
    Temp Mail

Temp Mail offers a three-day trial period. Of course, this testing process requires verification of identity and payment method. The premium plan has three plans (plans) for week, 1 month or 3 months. They are priced at $ 3.21, $ 8.68 and $ 21.43 respectively. The longer you renew, the more incentives you will receive.

MOD APK version of Temp Mail

MOD feature

  • Ad-free

Download : Temp Mail

You can download this apk file by accessing the download buttons below:


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