The Game of Life 2 MOD APK 0.0.34 (Unlocked) Free Download

The Game of Life 2

The Game of Life 2 MOD APK 0.0.34 (Unlocked) Free Download


Presentation at The Game of Life 2

By participating in The Game of Life 2, you once again create a virtual life you have dreamed of. Do you love to be an electrical engineer or fashion designer? Do you love to live a free life and satisfy your passions and daily interests? The second edition of this game series is the ideal setting to make your dream come true. Put all your worries aside to relax in a colorful world with your friends and family.

How to play

Most life simulation games are designed on the basis of realistic role play and 3D graphics. It refers to the same content, but The Game of Life 2 goes in a different direction in a board format with random moves. This means that not all options are available. You will need to do this for yourself because every action and step is shown on the board with a magical touch.

The Game of Life 2
The Game of Life 2

Initially the game shows an interface where you can create the number of players. One, two, three or four. Each will be given a descriptive name and they will check the return when it is their turn.

The spinning process is done easily. Just tap the wheel in the center of the screen to make them spin. The needle determines the number of steps forward on the board. Every cell has a different action. When the character enters, it will have two random options.

You have the right to decide what your character will do. For example, you choose a career between career and education, the character can do something to make money. However, when choosing education, you have to pay to obtain information. However, these things say nothing. Because it is not known who will go further in the future.

Many modes

The Game of Life 2 has four modes for you to experience, including Single Player, Online Multiplayer, Online with Friends, and Pass and Play.
Starting with Single Player, The Game of Life 2 has turned into a life simulation game. The main game and the content of this mod are similar to those shown in Idle Life Sim and Life Simulator 3 that I presented earlier. You will set up your own life, choose a career path, education. Balance your hobbies and spend time with loved ones.

The Game of Life 2
The Game of Life 2

Next up is multiplayer online and online with your friends. The mechanism is the same where you can experiment with other players online or connect with your friends. The game that determines the life of every person will be more challenging, more competitive.

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Finally come and play. This mode is slightly different as the cells on the board have more specific options. There are also new environments to explore. And the last is that you can control all the characters you create in the game.


An overview of the game is that it has colorful graphic backgrounds. Items in context are practically designed from trees, buildings, amusement parks, vehicles and people. However, these are only models and are not very detailed. Perhaps the developer has omitted the details so the player won’t be dazzled when playing The Game of Life 2, but can also work well on low profile devices.

The Game of Life 2
The Game of Life 2

In terms of sound and effects, they are really suitable for entertainment. You will enjoy a fun background music combined with the rays of light and stars that emanate every time you turn.

MOD feature

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