The Walking Dead Road to Survival APK free download

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Road to Survival APK free download

The Walking Dead Path to Survival: When A Serious Man Fights Zombies

The Walking Dead’s zombie theme has been severely exploited
The four key elements of a typical zombie game include:

  1. Clear graphics, natural and smooth movements.
  2. Addictive game.
  3. Different and deep scenes.
  4. The plot is fine, logical.

And if you ask me a suggestion for the classic zombie-themed phone game that meets the four factors mentioned above, I immediately answer, “Let’s play The Walking Dead: The Way to Survival”.

You play right from the first minute as the captain of the anti-zombie team. Despite being an RPG, it has a lightweight construction and management simulation style. At first, when you have nothing to do, your task is to build your own military base: find the right location, plan, gather resources, and complete the first platforms for the base.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

The game is not for those who love to play for fun.

The game offers challenges big and small along the way, and every time you pass, you earn invisible rewards like extra cash or experience points. The money will be used to purchase necessary items, weapons for you and your future partners. Materials and resources to build a stronger foundation. And experience points will help you accumulate experience and strength to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Fortunately, only a few zombies show up for fun during this time. Nothing makes you feel tired. Of course, there is no reason to send a zombie boss to your base while you still have nothing in the game.

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

Get ready to meet thousands of zombies exponentially

At the same time, with the search for resources, consolidation and expansion of the base, the leader must find and select partners to deal with the zombies. Often times, you meet these friends along the way. If you think they can trust you, you can invite them to fight. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is flexible at this point. The game doesn’t force you to accept someone you don’t want. Here you have the right to examine, research, think and choose. After choosing “price” comes very quickly. Normally, after having the first satisfying partner, you and that person did not have enough time to shake hands and celebrate, suddenly a swarm of nimble zombies appeared and attacked the base. And they were clearly superior to the immortals that roamed around while you were building a base.

It continued like this, exponentially. Whenever you have a partner, you need to prepare yourself mentally. Zombies come fast, crowded and twice as strong.

The game is flexible

While you need to strain your brain to figure out how to reasonably and quickly defeat zombies with the least effort, in return the system allows you to choose a specific attack target from among the enemies. Even more lovingly, it lets you locate and target the critical weakness of a powerful zombie, after which a bullet is completed.

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Regarding flexibility, as I have shared before, the game chooses the partner the player likes. And the scenes are displayed randomly, which means playing next time will always be different from the last time, so even if you die a thousand times the emotion will always remain intact.

Serious zombie game, serious graphics, original story

This game of the same name, which originated from the cult series The Walking Dead, is thought to be closely related to the plot of the movie. Those who do not know the origin of the event can quickly view the summary of the movie online before starting to play (I usually do this to save time because I don’t have enough time to watch several seasons of a movie).

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

You can also see that the 2D graphic style in the game is very similar to the character creation in the movie. I think this is a very good move from the manufacturer, because we haven’t played the game yet, opening the first intro box is already filled with the feeling of “belonging together”. However, the graphics in the game are only 2D, so some images are not smooth. But compared to the 2D pixel art of mobile phones, The Walking Dead has done this very well.

I really appreciate the seriousness of the graphics in this game. If you don’t believe it, you can see the screenshot images in this post.

The soundtrack is also a bonus. No need for effects, complex music, just low key pieces and a few notes falling in the right place, making the plot even more interesting, especially as a horde of zombies chase you.

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