The Walking Dead: Survivors APK 1.2.3 Free Downolad

The Walking Dead Survivors

The Walking Dead: Survivors APK 1.2.3 Free Downolad

The Walking Dead: Survivor APK is a zombie-themed survival game from the publisher Galaxy Play Technology. This is an online multiplayer game. You play as one of the survivors of the zombie epidemic in the game and build a shelter with other survivors. Fight crowded Walkers and build a new peaceful zone.

What game modes are there at the moment?

You and I are no strangers to the popular television series The Walking Dead, which is considered a cinematic monument to the zombie theme. Numerous games, comics, publications and other works of art inspired by the cinema were born. After purchasing the copyright from the filmmaker, we are now about to experience the world of zombies in the film through the mobile game The Walking Dead: Survivors.

The Walking Dead Survivors
The Walking Dead Survivors

Currently, the game only includes online multiplayer. You start to survive, embark on an adventure and build a base, then side by side with other players to fight the zombies.

The story and the game are finely integrated

You are a human survivor after the zombie disaster in the game. You choose one of two roles: warrior or builder. Warriors have many fighting skills that specialize in collecting weapons and ammunition, taking on the role of fighting zombies. The builder specializes in exploitation, transportation, connectivity and management skills to create a sustainable foundation in all aspects of life.

Of course, in The Walking Dead, you can choose one of the familiar characters like Rick, Michonne, Negan, Ezekiel, Glenn… Although they fight and survive together, each character has a personality and a purpose. The construction game combined with the personality of each player in the online mode brings a lot of excitement to the game.

Construction and food are the basis of life

In the world you live in, everything becomes scarce and ends with the destruction of zombies. Fortunately we still have each other. We found an ideal and safe land to build a new world with all factors such as food, military, technology, health, education, entertainment …
Your mission is not just to shoot, kill and fight The Walker, but also to live a real life, have a safe place to live, food and water. You use a torch to “open” each area and then dig deep to use and build everything. Start with small things like food, collecting individual carrots, potatoes, and bottles of water. Everything is precious in the post-apocalyptic world.

You should also talk to your teammates about the strategy and information you gathered. All of this is easily done with the online chat feature.

Don’t Forget The Walkers Lurking

You and other survivors build a high wall to fight Walker, defend and strengthen the wall on a daily basis, and place a series of traps and tunnels to trap enemies. Next, you will enter a series of confrontations with the intruder The Walker. Of course, the loot and weapons obtained after each battle are also very generous.

The Walking Dead Survivors
The Walking Dead Survivors

In order to face thousands of zombies, you must recruit characters who can constantly fight. Train, upgrade to help characters to be strong. Don’t forget the weapon system of the game. You also need to research and create weapons to provide enough weapons and ammo for each character.

Your enemies are not just zombies

There is something scarier than zombies with human selfishness. If you’ve seen The Walking Dead before, you probably understand what I just said. In The Walking Dead: Survivors you also have a very bad and very annoying enemy, Negan and his gang. Negan, in his maneuvering to defeat all the survivors who did not listen to his will, sparked as many catastrophic civil wars as Walker did.

In this case, to fight against Negan’s army, you must once again shake hands with other players to form a group together to build everything stronger and more united on the basis of peace and freedom.

The rewards and loot are clear, sometimes quite generous.

You will earn points calculated with food or items as you progress through missions. Trade items and money, and you can upgrade your weapons, armor, and skills. However, I recommend that you do not rush to update. Wait until 2 or 3 zones are completed, then upgrade, avoid running out of resources too soon. If you run out of resources, you just have to wait for death.
How to play The Walking Dead: Survivors?

Character creation is very similar to the original movie. 3D motion is smooth and natural. Emotional music and sound accompany the hits. Not to mention, the surrounding landscape is extremely beautiful and detailed. The graphics are realistic and clear, although the genre requires a lot of intricate detail.

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