This War of Mine MOD APK 1.5.10 (Unlocked All) Free Download

This War of Mine

This War of Mine MOD APK 1.5.10 (Unlocked All) Free Download


About This War of Mine

Until now, this game has been developed on the Android platform to reach more people. Although the game takes place in the war, this time you play as a civilian, not a soldier.

All these games have one common feature that simulates a devastating war. The game will show you how violent war affects innocent people. They have to bear the consequences of an unjust war in their homeland. Thanks to this game, you will have the opportunity to experience life in extreme conditions and without any assistance. Find a way to survive by your own talent or death will find you.


Unlike other war games, This War of Mine has a completely different plan. The story takes place as recorded by reporters who interviewed people who spent more than 1,400 days in the Sarajevo raid campaign, the Yugoslav civil war of the 1990s. It all depends on your actions, building your own story. The game’s development team confirmed that it is not the subject of the game. They just created context, everything in the game was created by the player.

This War of Mine
This War of Mine

Your task is to help your team survive this difficult situation. All the details of the game are based on your actions, not after a story like other games. You will have to survive for a certain period of time in the game. Writing notes is a unique feature. For example, in your group there is a seriously injured person who doesn’t have enough bandages, antibiotics… then, after a few days, the survivors will rewrite what happened.

Severe survival factor

In the tough survival situation of This War of Mine, you have to collect items such as food, medicine and other supplies scattered around the city. These materials are useful for making production tools or refugee needs.

This War of Mine
This War of Mine

Of course. During the war, food and medicine were extremely scarce, so if they wanted to survive, they had to be calculated and used appropriately. In addition to the lack of essential items, you must watch out for attacks from other refugees and be vigilant. Search for what is needed in a deserted city, rob other people or even rob the army. There are many ways to find food and water. Not only that, but also the weather factor significantly affects the lives of group members.

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This War of Mine has hand drawn graphics that make a great impression. The strength of this design is to make the scene more realistic and closer than ever before. Additionally, the main hue is black and white, which contrasts with the sadness and brutality of a destructive world immersed in chaos. After the war, pointless bombs caused innocent people to suffer all the consequences. Nothing but ashes, black smoke .

This War of Mine
This War of Mine

The world in the game is very successfully reproduced when the player has an overview, a clear vision of where the battle unfolds. From a peaceful city now ruined, tall buildings suffered many bullets, corpses thrown into the street … as if it were a dead city with no little signs of life.

MOD Feature

  • Full Game Unlocked

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