Tinker Island MOD APK 1.8.10 (Free Purchase) Free Download

Tinker Island MOD APK

Tinker Island MOD APK 1.8.10 (Free Purchase) Free Download

Tinker Island MOD APK 1.8.10 is a survival game, you must always play focused, serious, and nervous to survive. But you should reconsider this after playing Tinker Island.

The Tinker Island theme is pretty simple. You will play as one of three shipwreck survivors: Mary, Jenny and Robert. No matter who you choose, you are the leader and, in turn, you accompany and guide your friends to find ways to survive in the middle of the desert island to which they were dragged. There are not only trees, flowers, sunlight, wind, but also unexpected secrets that the trio will discover together on this vast deserted tropical island.

Yes, Tinker Island is actually a survival game, but it uses 8-bit graphics, so you will find something bad, funny, and comical at first. There is nothing threatening or hidden here, everything is clear, bright and colorful. The simple graphics and this bright color combination represent the player with a sense of optimism, although they may not know what will happen next.

Tinker Island
Tinker Island

The way the characters communicate through simple dialog boxes makes the game fun again. Despite being in the story, the three of them make daily efforts to survive on the desert island.

Interesting, young and modern background music is also the highlight of this next generation action game. If you have never played the genre of difficult survival games, you must choose Tinker Island, the first game. Then challenge yourself with more challenging survival games.

You can survive in many different ways

First, there are three characters. You can control one of the three characters in the game. So you can change and play with different characters to take advantage of their abilities in each situation. Our three characters: a dream traveler, a normal man and a character with leadership skills. Each person has his own talent. So if you know how to use them, you can live happily on the island.
To survive, of course, you need food and security.
Manipulating on Tinker Island is very simple. As I mentioned earlier, the characters will communicate with each other through dialog boxes. Tasks will be assigned by the system as suggestions. For example, Robert said, “I’m very hungry.” Get married, he will reply: “Go to dinner, we are hungry too.” Jenny said, “Get ready for the fire, let me go fishing.” She said. So, choose Jenny on the fishing assignment, then choose Marry and Robert to light the fire.

The first step in building and finding food is always the most important. Help everyone to survive one day. However, we need resources and materials to do this. He immediately does what the system suggests to collect items, food, water. So if you don’t want to go hungry on this island, you have to learn how to manage the resources.

And there are tons of options to find your way home and survive.

One of the most interesting features of this game is that it takes us back to the Stone Age. You will need to manually design your own hunting weapons, hunting tools, and vehicles from the surrounding resources. And then they will use these weapons to search for food, build boats to fish or move around exploring the island.

Tinker Island is not limited to strolling for fun. I said that there are many mysteries on this island and that things are quite scary. But the more you search, the more you understand, the better your chances of going home. And since you can’t lock your leg in one place, the game requires you to move and do a lot of things.

Tinker Island
Tinker Island

This is the key point of the game. Because everything you do, every choice you make contributes to the bottom line. It is not a completely open game, but the open nodes in the game and the way the system forces you to carefully read every word of the characters speaking makes the game feel like a visual novel game.
Pay attention to the dialogue in the game. Because there are dozens of clues hidden somewhere here.

The desert island has many unstable secrets.

In order not to imagine a horror movie, I am giving information about the island. This island was an ancient city buried and erased from ancient civilization. The ruins of temples, buildings and villages hidden somewhere during the characters’ journey reveal the tragic history of this ancient city. You have the opportunity to find many valuable items.

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MOD Feature

  • Free Purchase: You can buy anything (including items paid for in cash) no matter how much money you have.

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