Titan Quest Legendary Edition MOD APK 2.9.8 (DLCs Unlocked) Free Download

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest Legendary Edition MOD APK 2.9.8 (DLCs Unlocked) Free Download

Presentation on Titan Quest Legendary Edition

Titan Quest
Titan Quest

Titan Quest was first released on the PC platform in 2006. Although more than 14 years have passed, this game still has not diminished the popularity of the market. HandyGames even released Titan Quest: Legendary Edition for Android only, with an original story and a host of content that allows you to pay for the download. It is available for $ 20.24 on Google Play. This cost includes the entire paid content plan (DLC) and is ad-free. However, you can download this game free of charge from our website.


Titan Quest: Legendary Edition begins with the appearance of the Dark Titans after a long imprisonment by the Olympians. This makes his hatred of the human world extreme. A Titan trio named Telkines broke the pipe connecting Olympus between gods and humans in order to terrorize the earth with the mighty Titans.

Titan Quest
Titan Quest

Although this revenge plan is just the beginning, don’t let it happen. Because after the Suggestions are successful, humanity will be destroyed and the gods will get the same result. Find a way to reconnect Olympus’ bond to take these evil Titans to the darkest prison and prove to the gods that humanity can thrive without their protection.

How to play

Titan Quest Legendary Edition takes place in the pre-Roman era, humanity is growing but also facing the worst. The Titans are unleashed to earth, you have to find the leaders, destroy them and bring peace to the world.
You start to play in the village of Helos, where animals destroy crops. Villagers (NPC) will guide you and give you the weapons and skills needed to destroy them. As the content evolves, you can explore new lands and face new challenges and enemies.

His character also gets stronger on the journey. This allows you to learn stronger fighting skills. If unfortunately defeated in a battle, it can be revived at a nearby checkpoint, but some experience points are deducted.


There are currently 3 DLCs you can play in the game: IMMORTAL THRONE, ATLANTIS and RAGNARĂ–K. The system will summarize its contents with a piece of text, you can read before proceeding to download. But overall, each of the above DLCs lead to a great boss fight. You need to constantly improve your character’s strength and use support items to have a chance to defeat them.


Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is an RPG with hack and slash gameplay. The control mechanism is very familiar and simple, if you have played role-playing games on mobile phones, you will soon catch up with the game. The virtual skill and action keys are arranged in the right corner of the screen, while the virtual joystick on the left controls the character’s movement.

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The weapon symbol in it represents a standard attack. They do not consume mana, so they can be used continuously. The skills are different, the character loses mana when used and has to wait for the cooldown.


As mentioned before, the character can learn new skills as they level up. It also adds free attribute points to add to one of your personal attributes: intelligence, strength, health, dexterity, or energy.

Titan Quest
Titan Quest

In addition, the character can equip additional armor, weapons, and some other costumes to increase stats. These items can be obtained in battle or rewarded by completing NPC quests. Some of the weapons available include swords, sticks, and axes. All are melee weapons and have a similar mechanism of action.

MOD feature

DLC Unlocked: Paid content unlocked. You just need to install the APK file (using any SAI app such as ALLMODWORLD  Installer), then play it for free.

Download :Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

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