Toon App Mod APK 1.0.46 (Pro Unlocked)

Toon App Mod APK

ToonApp MOD APK is an app that converts actual photos into cartoons in the school of amusing caricatures. This will be an interesting and novel experience for you.

Technical features of toon app Mod apk:

Name ToonApp
Updated On 04/07/2021
Package com.lyrebirdstudio.cartoon
Publisher Lyrebird Studios
Category Photos & Videos
Size 31M
Requires Android 5.0
Version 1.0.46 (build 46)
MOD Features Pro Unlocked


Introduce about ToonApp

Any photo may be turned into a colorful comedy! As an animation fan or simply a person who enjoys comedy and wants life to be full of surprises, you are always looking for methods to make everything around you more cheerful, both in real life and in virtual life. Have you ever attempted to transform yourself into a cartoon character, or to turn all of your photos of great times with friends into a bright anime version? If not, why not use ToonApp to turn the mundane into the extraordinary?

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What is ToopApp?

ToonApp is an app that specializes in converting any image into a cartoon using only a few basic and very effective processes. Because it is a cartoon, you may select from a variety of qualities. You may turn your figure into a little person with a large head, give him huge sparkly eyes like Anime characters, or build him into a fashionable character like other Lucky Luke’s American cartoons. You are able to design your favorite ones to your taste! After you’ve completed your animation with all of the lines, it’s time to show it out in virtual reality. Click Share, then choose a social network, such as Instagram.

Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Tik Tok are all examples of social media platforms. That’s all there is to it; everything is ready for everyone to enjoy and admire. I’m sure there will be dozens of individuals privately instructing you to find out “what app you’re using.”

Toon App Mod APK
Toon App Mod APK

Best features:

Spectacular Big-head effect

ToonApp is well-known in the photo animation editing market for its high-quality cartoon genres. The best example is a caricature of little people with large heads. Simply choose an image (or snap a photo straight with the camera on ToonApp), then click on Bighead Challenge, and you’re done. The amusing part is that you can change the size of your head at a whim, to the point where everyone who sees it must laugh louder. When there was no such software, sketching a typical caricature looked to belong to the elite category of artists with demand increasing.

And you didn’t have it on your phone or computer like this, but rather on paper. A simple app and a few quick tips may provide you with a lot of joy.ToonApp, in addition to the “Big-head” effect, includes a number of transformation capabilities that will astound you.

Cartoon photo editor in every style

ToonApp, which incorporates AI technology, provides a unique and comprehensive collection of animation-style picture editing capabilities that may be considered the best among applications with comparable functionality. Experiment with different effects and settings with various high and low stats to change yourself into an adorable cartoon character in under a minute. Some of my favorite tools are Bubbles (which adds a bubble effect to the image), color brush, Anime Effect (which converts an image into a Japanese Anime style image), Fading, and Background Toon (replaced with anime or cartoon background).ToonApp’s Toon my collection has all of these products. Everyone is invited to come here and explore and try anything. It’s a lot of fun! After some deliberation, you will draw the “recipe” that best suits you, remembering to apply it later.

I’m especially referring to the Magic Brush tool in the Toon me package.

When you choose Magic Brush, a slew of indications will appear for you to tweak. If you don’t want to do anything, simply leave the default settings alone; the outcome is fantastic. If you wish to add additional distinct elements, simply change the indicators till you’re satisfied. You may also entirely store that profile for future usage. This function is very useful for morphing a sequence of photos to the same style and color.

It is also necessary to note the divine power of the Filter set in ToonApp.

ToonApp, in addition to the existing animated face styles, provides a broad selection of creative effects ranging from oil painting techniques, drawings, to totally cartoon hues. You may select whatever you want based on your mood and tastes.ToonApp also has a large variety of Filters, which are updated on a regular basis. So don’t be concerned about “boring” or “repeating”!

How to Install in the   iPhone( IOS):

Below steps to run the android app on iPhone

  • Download Dalvik the emulator to your IOS device from the browser
  • Install the setup the emulator
  • Lastly, step up the download the android apps and enjoy the game.

How to install on PC:

Below is the android app on your PC or Laptop

  • Download the NOx player and emulator software on your PC.
  • Install the NOx player
  • Download the android apps and enjoy

How to Download:

  • Click on the “Download Now” button and it will move to the next download page.
  • Next page, download the file from the download button.
  • You can see the download file from the notification bar.
  • Visit us the daily app, enjoy and bookmark our websites for updates, and download
toon app mod apk
toon app mod apk


After careful looking at this application, it is concluded that this app is easy to use and so colorful. Time flies and technology has provided us with a variety of “fun toys.”Allow yourself and your friends to relax by using
ToonApp, a “magic wand” that transforms every moment into a beautiful, attractive, and colorful cartoon form.

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