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Train Station 2

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Train Station 2 APK 1.34.0 Free Download

About Train Station 2

Train Station 2 is a very interesting simulation game about the railway empire published by Pixel Federation Games. In this game, you have a railway system that transports goods and passengers throughout the city. Train Station, the first episode of the game, has reached more than 10 million downloads on Google Play with positive reviews. Pixel Federation Games is a publisher with a passion for railway and port simulation games. If you like simulation games, it is worth trying some of their games like Sea Port, Train Station or Train Collector.

How to play

Giving you the power to build your fast-growing locomotive empire, Train Station 2 barely mentions the difficulty of getting around, but focuses on making the miniature rail system on your phone.

Train Station 2
Train Station 2

In the golden age of the train, you will start with some locomotives and some basic tasks like collecting resources and distributing them to the companies located along the rails. But that’s just the beginning. As you delve deeper into the game, you’ll unlock more locomotives, new routes, and a world map, moving trains in all directions and increasing your influence. The more contracts you complete, the more trains you will unlock and the bigger your infrastructure will grow. Thus, you get more contracts and more opportunities.

Grow your train empire

Train Station 2 takes you back in time to the golden age of steam locomotives. First, you will start your empire in England. Help railway engineer George Stephenson perfect the railway. If he doesn’t know, then he’s George, nicknamed the “father of the railroad.” He asks you to bring various materials, your task is to use the trains at the station of your property, go to the mines and exploit them. After that, the train returns to the station, you can give it to George Stephenson to do rail work, then you get money, gems and some other resources.
Once you have unlocked more trains and some new locations, you can choose a lot of different jobs like transporting resources, transporting passengers around town … Unlike idle games like Tiny Rails, your empire is not an auto race. You are the operator, organize your trains to collect as much money and resources as possible. George’s mission gives you lots of gold, supplies, and keys. Do not miss.

Once your rail empire dominates the UK, you can expand your train network in many countries including the United States, Germany, France, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, and Australia. Each country has different resources and landscapes, if you want to earn a lot of money, you need to invest correctly. For example, the weather in Russia is very cold. The railway is often covered in snow, which affects the journey of each train.

Unlock more trains

Train Station 2
Train Station 2

Completing missions and leveling up gives you the key. Use the key to buy more trains. Go to the store, choose to buy Common Container with 100 keys, you will receive a random train. Trains are divided into several types, including common and rare. However, you can only unlock rare type trains with gems.

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I was absolutely blown away by Train Station 2’s graphics. The game has sharp 3D graphics and brilliant colors. Graphics are a factor that makes the game attract a large number of players. Although there are animation style images with wide views only from above, the game still pays attention to small details like flowing water, snow, rain, fish… It gives you a feeling of relaxation and excitement.

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