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Tumblr MOD APK (No Ads) For Android

Tumblr MOD APK –  is a popular social media application nowadays and is often seen as a mini blog where you can share everything related to your daily life, post pictures, statuses, videos. And of course you can be friends with people from all over the world.

Tumblr: make friends with your personal blog

First let me list all the main features of Tumblr.
Wherever we are in the world, we can make friends and chat with a single mobile phone with an internet connection.
Create groups and easily chat with your friends. Send pictures, audio recordings, videos, emojis to each other like any other social network.
Share all the files you want such as pictures, videos, games, gif files with your friends … All of them are delivered to the recipient in original quality.
Three special features are only available on Tumblr


One of the innovative features is the “Control Panel”. It can be said to be similar to Timeline or News Feeds of other social networks. However, Dashboard on Tumblr is a message board that updates the information and content of other users you follow. It is located in the main interface and you can freely interact with the content available on this Panel, eg comment, review, send emoji, send private message…. The collection, processing, and selection of information to be posted on the Tumblr dashboard are handled in a very AI-based manner, sometimes causing users to admire the useful information they read on Tumblr. your friends’ Tumblr page.

Next tag function. Similar to Facebook and Instagram hashtags. But Tumblr is more specialized in knowledge classification classes and is automatically grouped when users need to search.

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Finally, there is the HTML feature available only for blogging and website platforms. HTML helps users understand all the controls on their blog, update the required parameters, edit the interface, and customize everything in general.

Tumblr is not just a pure social network, it is the perfect combination between a social network and a personal blog. Since its debut in 2007 (by Davidville Frederator Studios), the app has gone through a rather bleak start-up period. But so far, Tumblr has proven its own appeal and has attracted a large user base that is not inferior to any social media platform.

What makes the “magnet” called Tumblr?
Tumblr is one of those icons that has always been on teenagers’ phones. Why does Tumblr have such an appeal when there are so many social networks around us that are terribly spread out?

The first reason is due to its rich content. Tumblr has been an information platform from its inception. Instead of searching for users or luring them into advertising tricks, developers spend all of their time creating gigantic information about their products.

Naturally, many people will meet and look for something of natural quality. Of all the social networks you know right now, Tumblr can be said to be the name that spends the least on advertising but still attracts a large number of users. You can find anything you want: memes updated every minute, highly artistic images, high quality videos… Generally, if Google has something, Tumblr also has it.


The next reason is probably the extremely easy function of retrieving and finding information. If you’re on Facebook, searching for a keyword reveals a lot of things in the form of posts, pages or events. Such a clear layer is also a nuisance for users. Finding information on Tumblr is much faster and easier. Use tags / hashtags to instantly find what you’re looking for. Have the results returned? Beyond your imagination. Tumblr not only scans huge blogging systems, but it goes beyond that limit, giving you great, focused results.

What is the Tumblr interface like?
Nice interface, easy to use. As the platform is a micro blog combined with social media, Tumblr’s interface is very artistic and very personal. Every person has his own “home”. And so they interact, swap and enrich for Tumblr.

MOD APK version of Tumblr

MOD feature

  • Ad-free

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