Ultimate Offroad Simulator MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money, Premium Unlocked) Free Downolad

Ultimate Offroad Simulator

Ultimate Offroad Simulator MOD APK 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money, Premium Unlocked) Free Downolad

Introduce about Ultimate Offroad Simulator

Do you remember the Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator game I presented before? It will be difficult to forget the new experience in the racing genre that the game has left. The good news is that Sir Studios has released the car version of this game. Forget about tough races against other rivals on the asphalt, because Ultimate Offroad Simulator will take you into the world of Offroad with a much newer and more interesting approach!

How to play

Like Ultimate Motorcycle Simulator, Ultimate Offroad Simulator’s gameplay is fairly simple to tackle. Players sit in their cars, go to places in the city to choose the game mode.

Time Attack mode where you have to race against time to win. More specifically, you have to search and collect checkpoints for a limited time. If you win, you will get a bonus and the system will be taken to the city center to continue choosing another game. Remember that the challenge level will be increased by one level each time you successfully conquer it.

Ultimate Offroad Simulator
Ultimate Offroad Simulator

There is also a track mode in the game. You can already imagine the gameplay and challenges that must be overcome just by hearing the name, right? Yes, here is the opportunity to prove your driving skills. To get higher, you have to drive on containers and move on wooden boards. Sometimes you have to accelerate to let the car pass through a hole and land on the other side of the road. Therefore, the challenge increases every time you successfully conquer a land. The challenge is that it also offers some attractive bonuses that encourage the ability to conquer any racer.

If sometimes the challenges are too hard for you, move around the city to practice and improve your driving skills. Precious diamonds also appear randomly, you can collect them for special activities!

Upgrade your SUVs

At the beginning of the game, the system gives you a pre-determined vehicle. But you see, as the difficulty gets worse, and you will understand, this group of engines is too weak to climb that hill. Or this nitrous tank is too small, too small to satisfy a speed-hungry rider. Go to the Update section. Here you can replace or upgrade any part of the car from the engine, turbo, wheels, Nitro, Suspension or transmission. Each contributes to the speed, control and loyalty points of the vehicle.
As a racer, the higher a car’s performance indicators, the easier it will be to control it and get the best performance on the track. Update and overcome all the challenges of this game.


The graphics of Ultimate Offroad Simulator are beautifully designed, the details on the map are polished, the effects of light, day and night or dirt are also quite real. As you pass the game’s large map, the weather is constantly changing, it gets dark and sometimes you have the opportunity to watch the sunset over the sea.

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MOD Features

  • Unlimited money / diamonds

Download : Ultimate Offroad Simulator MOD APK

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