Ultraman: Legend of Heroes APK 1.1.6 Free Download

Ultraman Legend of Heroes APK

Ultraman: Legend of Heroes APK 1.1.6 Free Download

Ultraman: Legend of Heroes APK one of the superhero role-playing games are available now for Android. Install the APK version of this game and perform the noble mission of an Ultraman!

Introduce about Ultraman: Legend of Heroes

If you love Ultraman games, experience Ultraman: Legend of Heroes, who will accompany the heroes who protect our world.

Ultraman: Legend of Heroes is one of the most anticipated action games about these heroes. Become a superhero with unmatched power, overcome challenges, face powerful enemies to save the world. Are you ready for the war to come?

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Family characters

Ultraman Legend of Heroes
Ultraman Legend of Heroes

Before Ultraman: Legend of Heroes was developed, there was already a popular television series in Japan.
Most of the characters appear in this mobile game. You will meet the familiar faces of heroes and monsters.

At first, you will only be able to control Ultraman. But as you progress and progress to higher levels, you can unlock other Ultraman in the series like Orb, Zero, Tiga, Geed, and Belial.

How to play

Ultraman: Legend of Heroes has a fairly simple gameplay similar to mobile action games.

The player plays as an Ultraman and moves it with virtual switches. When you meet enemies, use attacks to kill them. Players can also create special combinations or attacks to take down enemies faster.

Ultraman: Legend of Heroes has a great mission system based on the original story. In each mission, the player will have to face monsters and a boss to get the right to move on.

Fight monsters

The prison of the universe is where you can keep the most dangerous people on the planet. But that is not all. There are still dangers lurking outside. Soon they will endanger the peace of Earth and the entire universe.
Therefore, the prison will monitor the escape of wanted criminals every day and will distribute posters. Come take homework and get the information you need.

If you are successful in this mission, the prison will pay you valuable prizes and cards. Loading cards in the Technology Department helps your character gain more power.

If you are a new player, you need to practice proficiency through the default set of missions. When you feel more confident, you can join the arena in PvP mode. The enemies there are amazing. Not only do you have to prepare skills, you also have to prepare tactics if you want to win.

Build your team

It is very difficult to fight alone. You must recruit more warriors to create the strongest army.

Each character has different stats, abilities, and tactics. The strongest of them are the S-class Ultraman; Classes A, B, C and D are weaker. Choose heroes with the right skills and stats. This helps create a more complete combat strategy when teammates bond and support each other.

Ultraman Legend of Heroes
Ultraman Legend of Heroes

Soon you will be able to overcome all the dangers to keep the peace of the universe.


In the original television series, Ultraman often fought with his bare hands and used electric bolts to damage enemies. Ultraman: Legend of Heroes also uses this mechanism. For this reason, Ultraman characters do not typically use weapons.

In battle, you will sometimes see your character using a sword to fight. However, it is often used in conjunction with powerful abilities rather than standalone weapons.

Graphics and sound

Overall, Ultraman: Legend of Heroes has graphics designed in a beautiful 3D style.

Combat effects, lightning bolts, and lighting effects show up as eye-catching. Also, the characters are invested in appearances, quite similar to the family footage shown on television series.

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