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Unruly Heroes APK

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Unruly Heroes APK 1.1 Free Download


Since the creation of human life and civilization, Buddha has used the Bible to maintain a balance between heaven, earth, and living things, allowing them to live together in peace. But it wasn’t long before the evil demons began to grow, breaking the delicate balance, smashing the Bible, and scattering all over the place. This incident had many unfortunate consequences. The creatures that possess the fragment to inherit the power of the Bible, conjure up evil within and turn into monsters. Faced with this chaotic situation, the Buddha handed over this responsibility to a young monk named Sandmonk. He will meet the three disciples and begin his journey to find the lost scriptures again. Difficulties await them. Will you accompany them on this arduous, arduous and dangerous journey?

Unruly Heroes APK
Unruly Heroes APK

How to play

Unruly Heroes is a classic 2D platformer, so its gameplay is easy to understand. Although they are believed to be quite similar to Rayman Legends, to be honest they are exactly the same in terms of their mechanism of action and have completely different experiences. You will start playing as Wukong, then you will collect three more, Kihong, Sanzang, and Sandmonk. They are all playable. You can switch between them by tapping the avatar icon in the right corner of the screen. Each of them has unique powers and abilities, and this item reveals the unique characteristics of Unruly Heroes. There are three objectives to complete in each level. The first is to collect coins. The amount depends on the level required. The second is to find parts of the Bible that are usually hidden on a map or locked away in an area where you need to find a way to open them. And finally, the time factor, you must complete this level before the game time ends

.Unruly Heroes APK

Although these requirements may seem easy at first glance, they are not. Generally, it takes a long time to get items. You have to control every nook and cranny, break hidden walls or wooden boxes around you, or even go beyond the limits.

Sometimes I have to play the same level over and over again and try to play it in a “mock test” way. This helps me explore many things. It is about figuring out how to solve the puzzle in the level and pass the level faster to achieve the best achievement.

Meet familiar characters in Journey to the West

In Unruly Heroes, the four main characters are named with original Chinese names. The first is Wukong, known as the Monkey King. He was born from an egg on top of a mountain with 72 kinds of magic. This makes him a great character to act and play. Actually, this is true because Wukong is very fast and strong. He can even double jump in the air.
The purpose of Unruly Heroes with a special ability for each character is to integrate the puzzles. If the game is a normal platform game, players do not want to “log in” to download it. The addition of puzzles makes it more interesting to conquer it all.

While the puzzles are not very difficult, they will test your patience. Why is that? Because Unruly Heroes has the element of time. When the time is up, the game stops and you have to play again. Most of the puzzles involve finding the hidden key to unlock the room where the castle is located. Sometimes, however, unlocking a room is done indirectly rather than directly using a key. You have to take this into account, but also learn the skills of the characters, take advantage of them and combine them to solve problems.

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Awesome graphics

The four worlds of the game are beautifully simulated. For this reason, Unruly Heroes’ graphics are quite remarkable. The images are completely hand drawn, bold art. From high windy mountains to dangerous swamps, even from hell to the dark places on earth. They will also take you to a magnificent wonderland and then you can immerse yourself in it.

In addition to the beautiful scenery of the biblical collection, there is sometimes intense, sometimes relaxing music that changes the context. Maybe not, they won’t thrill you, but they also add more flavor to the trip. The characters in the game are equally unique. It is rendered according to its own aesthetic from the developer’s point of view.

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