Valiant Hearts The Great War MOD APK 1.0.4 (Unlocked Full) Free Download

Valiant Hearts The Great War

Valiant Hearts  The Great War MOD APK 1.0.4 (Unlocked Full) Free Download

Presentation in Valiant Hearts: The Great War

The Android version of the famous game is based on a true story.

In fact, before it was officially released on Android, Valiant Hearts: The Great War was released in 2014 for other platforms such as PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The game quickly won the love of the players thanks to its touch. . history, a new approach and artistic graphic style. In addition to many gamers, the game received rave reviews from critics and received numerous awards at game festivals.

Valiant Hearts  The Great War
Valiant Hearts  The Great War

The success of Valiant Hearts:

The Great War not only comes from its dedicated development team, it is also echoed by the unique story based on true stories from the First World War stages. fascinating story about the people at war. Not only with guns but also have another war, fight reality to protect their souls from the ravages of war.

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The game combines puzzles and adventures.

Valiant Hearts:The Great War is probably the only world war game where you don’t need to use a weapon to fight enemies. It’s more about puzzles and adventures. You spend most of your time traveling from France to Germany on the battlefields, collecting important items, solving some problems to continue your journey. For example, if you find debris on your way, you can use a grenade to destroy them.

Overall, it’s a puzzle game, but I’ve never come across such a difficult puzzle to get stuck there for hours. It only takes a few tries to finish it. Perhaps a very difficult puzzle will become unnecessary if it breaks the player’s emotional cycle that the Valiant Hearts: The Great War plot does so well.

Valiant Hearts  The Great War

Explore a moving story from the characters’ perspective.

The game consists of many episodes with nonlinear narratives. In turn, you experience the big story from each character’s perspective. The story begins with the Austro-Hungarian Empire declaring war on Serbia in 1914 after the assassination of the Austrian Crown Prince. Countries define allies and enemies. During this period, France expelled its German citizens from their lands. German citizen Karl, who lives in France, married a French girl named Marie and they have a son named Victor. Karl was expelled from France when he was just 18 years old. He was also forced to fight for the German army.
Ironically, Karl’s father-in-law (Marie’s father) Emile sets out to join the French army. You control Emile, attending pre-war training to understand the controls of the game. Emile met again with Karl during the border war. However, the Allies attack Lord Von Dorf’s camp, causing Karl to flee with the Germans. Emile was also injured, and Walt, a German dog, rescued her from the wreckage. He met the American Freddie, who joined the French army to take revenge on Von Dorf, who led the bombing that caused the loss of his beloved wife. The two continue to meet army nurse Anna. He also spies on Von Dorf, who caught his father to force him to research and manufacture weapons for him.

Character bios

Karl – a German who lived and worked in France before the war. He has a wife named Marie and a son named Victor. The game also mainly revolves around Karl on his survival journey to see his wife and children again.
Emile: Karl’s father-in-law. He had to join the French army. During the war, he was always looking for Karl to help his groom return home.
Freddie: An American volunteer joined the French army. He wants to avenge his wife, who lost in the bombing of the German army.
Anna: A nurse serving in the army. She wants to save Von Dorf’s father, which he caught, in order to make him a weapon.
Walt: The special friend of the game characters, the German dog. Nobody knows about his past. You can check out Walt for some special quests.

Valiant Hearts  The Great War
Valiant Hearts  The Great War

Valiant Hearts art style

One of the factors contributing to the success of the game is the image. Despite using 2D graphics with cartoonish brushstrokes, Valiant Hearts: The Great War stood out by depicting the characters with expressions that touch the player’s heart. Images that move with precision. The battlefield scene is depicted honestly and violently. In addition, the game also intelligently integrates the peaceful silence of the characters, helping you feel deeply the message the game wants to convey.
MOD feature

Full Unlocked – You can play all paid content, extended content for free.

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