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Very Little Nightmares APK

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Very Little Nightmares APK 1.2.0 Free Download

Presentation about Very Little Nightmares

First introduced in May 2014, this game was once known as Hunger. Before releasing the Android and iOS versions, the PC version called Little Nightmares made a strong impression on the gaming community. Even Very Little Nightmares is a lot of people compared to Outlast 2, one of the best horror games. What makes the game about a little girl making such a big storm, let’s learn about APKMODY through the article.


Very Little Nightmares plot is considered to be the prequel to Little Nightmares. ne of the best horror games.The main character is The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat. Along the way, you will meet Six,

Try another idea until you succeed.the main character of the original game. She wakes up in a rooftop mansion on a small island. She and Six find a way out of this terrible mansion where the giants are willing to kill children for cooking. You will meet some characters from the original game such as Pretender, Nomes, Craftsman, and some monsters.

How to play

In terms of gameplay, Very Little Nightmares is a platform game combined with riddles and horror elements. Imagine you are a little girl in a big world full of scary monsters and you can kill yourself at any moment. Thanks to the small hull, you can smoothly and sneak around hidden corners of the mansion without monsters being detected. Stay away from the giant cook, especially when passing through the kitchen. She’s not afraid to add a poor girl to her dinner menu.

Very Little Nightmares APK
Very Little Nightmares APK

The controls aren’t complicated, you just have to control the little one to move it left, right, up and down. Easy to play but hard to win. This is what I mean about Very Little Nightmares. Sometimes you come up with ideas. But turning these ideas into reality is an entirely different story.

does not limit the number of times the game is played. If anything comes to mind, try it right away. It’s okay if you die. Try another idea until you succeed.Very Little Nightmares is compatible for android and ios


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As someone who loves unique puzzle games, the game impressed me from the first time I played it. The background and color of the game immediately reminded me of Playdead’s puzzle game Limbo. Still a minor figure, he embarks on a dangerous adventure in a vast world. However, Very Little Nightmares are much more special than that.

First, the game has very realistic and sharp 3D graphics instead of Limbo’s 2D graphics.Try another idea until you succeed. This gives you a whole new perspective as you venture into the expansive The Maw, the look makes you feel lost in the game. In addition, Very Little Nightmares increases the coldness and solitude of the main character by using the main colors of black, gray and green. You always feel that dangers are following him and that they may arise at any moment. The way of designing scenes and objects in Very Little Nightmares is very logical, there are many hidden meanings of the game hidden in each scene. If you find anything interesting in this game, please share in the comment below the article.
There are not many remarkable things in the sound. Sometimes you only hear the wind ,whispers silence and the footsteps of the mother daughter. This contributed to creating the coldness and horror of this game.

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